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Hot news!!!LG uk650 - w 27 inches IPS LED display

Hot news!!!LG uk650 - w 27 inches IPS LED display

This month LG has made available a new27-inch 4k Ultra HD monitor completewith AMD's freesync technology offeringusers a resolution of 3840 X 2160 pixelsand HDR 10 support the LG monitor alsoprovides a contrast ratio of 1000 to 1and 4k viewing at 16:9 with a maximumbrightness of just 350 candalas permeter squaredunfortunately the brightest is evenlower than the lowest HD our standardAMD considers as being HDR capable whichis 400 candalas per meter squaredalthough the srgb 99% color gamut doesmake up 

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For this lacking brightness insome respect other features of the newLG 27 UK 650w monitor include a 5milliseconds response time as well asfree and blue light reductiontechnologies together with compatibilitywith the latest hdcp 2.2 copy-protectionso it will display video from 4kstreaming services game consoles andUltra HD blu-ray disc players LGexplained a little more about thepicture quality you can expect from thenew 27-inch monitor the HDR effect helpstransform non HDR content into highquality video 

That looks like HDRthrough its picture quality algorithmsrgb is the standard color space ofideal color reproduction so with over99% coverage of the srgb spectrum thisLG monitor is a great solution forprofessional photographers graphicdesigners or anyone looking for highlyaccurate color the LG 27 UK 650w monitorwill be available in a few days timefrom January 26th 2018 onwards priced atfive hundred $29 providing connectivityvia 2 X HDMI and 1x display forconnectionsyou


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