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Hot news!!!Them release its online shoppin

Hot news!!!Them release its online shoppin

Instagram has delivered one of the mostsignificant updates to its absence thelaunch of Instagram stories in 2016integrating shopping in the UK to theonline platform businesses can now tagproducts in their posts boosting theircustomer reach and making it easier 

google pay online shopping

Forshoppers to quickly locate and purchaseproduct seen on the app the Facebookowned company has embedded this newfeature for users with easy access topricing and product detailsjust at the tap of a button or tag postthat appears on the feed this reducesthe hassle of searching for productsonline when seen on Instagram postsInstagram previously tested shopping onthe platform as part of Instagram forbusiness tools update last year 

Howeverthis test saw us-based retail brandsdeliver a tap to view method thatappeared on the bottom left of a photopost which then showcased up to fiveproducts and their prices us-basedretailer Lulu's is one business that hasbeen using the shopping features sincethe early stages and has seen over 1200orders and 100,000 website visits sincethe new update to the app which has over200 million users will seek to enhancethe shopping experience for UK retailcustomersyou


Is the Google Pay app Chinese?

Since GooglePay is not a Chinese app, it is not prohibited in India. The Google Pay app may be downloaded through the Google Play Store because it was developed in America and is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Does the balance on Google Play expire?

3. No Charges or Expiration. This Gift Card is free of charges and has no expiration date. Unless otherwise required by law, any refunded Google Play amounts, if applicable, will be added back to your Google Play balance for Gift Cards for future use.

Do Google Pay and GPAY interchangeably?

Google Wallet and Android Pay have been combined into one new app called Google Pay. Google Pay for Android is a new software that was released by Google today. It's supposed to allow you pay for products and track purchases using your phone, in case the name doesn't make that clear.

Google Pay accepts MasterCard or Visa.

With your registered, qualifying Visa card, Google Pay is the quick and easy method to pay in-app and at merchant locations. Additionally, you'll keep getting all the advantages and security measures that come with using Visa. Android devices that support HCE are compatible with Google Pay with Visa Token Service.

Theft of Google Pay is possible.

Since Google Pay doesn't store your card information on your phone, even if it's open, anyone who finds or steals your phone won't be able to access that information.

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