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When a woman lost interest

When a woman lost interest

Things That Happen When A Woman Loses InterestIn The Relationship.Each relationship is different, and that isprecisely what makes each couple so special.Nobody tells the same jokes, and nobody sharesthe same love stories.But the time may come for that special womanto change, and begin to lose interest in therelationship.Here we present 10 common signs to keep inmind.1. She doesn't get jealous anymore.Jealousy can be a big problem for any relationship.

Many women get upset when they see their manflirting with another woman. Some women evenget jealous when their partner is chattingwith another woman, even if it is somethingpurely platonic.But if sending text messages to your friendssuddenly stops bothering her, or spendingmore time with them, it could be a sign thatthere is a problem in the relationship.2. Responds to your messages with monosyllables.Some women love having long and prolongedtext conversations with their partner becausethat makes them feel they are in the firstplace. 

They like to feel special.If suddenly your girl begins to respond toyour messages with monosyllables, with wordslike "Yes", "Sure" or even "whatever", itcould be that she is upset with you, or thatshe has simply lost interest in the relationship.3. Does not get annoyed when you are busy."You don't pay me enough attention!" It isa very common complaint. We all like to feelthat someone cares.Many women get upset when they feel theirpartner is taking the relationship for granted,or when they feel they are being ignored.But if you are taking a long time and shedoesn't seem to care that you're not present,chances are she is losing interest in therelationship.4. She is not so affectionate anymore.Arguably, most women are affectionate by nature.Therefore, a clear alarm signal is that sheis no longer being so affectionate to you.

You might wonder why she is not touching orhugging you as before. And it may be thather feelings towards you have changed.5. She no longer wants to share so much timewith you.One of the things that help maintain the goodhealth of a relationship is spending timetogether, doing fun things or just routinehousehold chores.These moments are good opportunities to reconnectwith the couple and share whatever is happeningin their lives. But suddenly she is no longerinterested in doing these things together.She prefers to spend her time alone, and itseems she doesn't want your company so muchanymore. Or, after dining out together, shedoesn't want you to take her home. These aresigns that she may be beginning to lose interestin the relationship.Learn the "Secrets Most Men Will Never LearnAbout Women".Click or Tap the link On or Below this videoto DOWNLOAD this FREE ebook

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