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The secret of muslims in the United States history | New York times Op

The secret of muslims in the United States history | New York times Op

“Can you tell me, whatis the history of Muslimsin America?”“There were Muslimson Columbus's shipand traveling with explorersall around the New World.Up to a third of allenslaved peoples were Muslim,and the White House wasbuilt by enslaved peoples,so it’s reasonable toexpect Muslims helpedbuild the White House.”“Did we have any relationswith Muslim countriesin those early days?”“Have you heard of the UnitedStates Marine Corps song?”

‘From the hallsof Montezuma — ’”“‘ — to theshores of Tripoli.’Yes.”“That’s it!Well, Tripoli’s amodern-day Libya.And the reasonthat’s in the songis because we wereallies with them.And as a thank-you for helpingthem deal with piracy issues,the Marine Corpswas gifted a sword,which has now become the saberof the Marine Corps dressuniform.”“What?So many peopledon’t know that.”“And Thomas Jeffersonwas also hosting dinnersat the end of Ramadan forMuslim diplomats in the WhiteHouse.”“Wow.”“Jefferson oncesaid that he knowsthe American experimentis a success when we canget a Muslim as a president.”

“I heard somewhere thatthe Statue of Libertyhas some Muslim connection.”“The designer based it onan Egyptian Muslim woman.”“Oh, my god.Lady Liberty totallyhas a Muslim face,and that kind oftracks because Ifeel like mine and hernose are very similar.”“And we get town names likeAllah, Arizona and Mahomet,Illinois, named afterthe prophet Muhammad.These towns were notpredominantly Muslim.They got these names as asign of respect Americanshad for Muslim cultures,Muslim civilization,Muslim people.”“Did they build anymosques up in these towns?”“Two of the oldest we haveare in Ross, North Dakotaand Cedar Rapids, Iowa.”

“Cedar Rapids, Iowa?I would feel likethat’s the place youwould say has thefirst Applebee’s, notthe first mosque.”“We can look at the waysMuslims have inspiredAmerican architecture, butwe can’t forget the peoplelike Malcolm X andMuhammad Ali, whowere turning to Islam torecover their heritage thathad been taken awayfrom them and to saythat you can’t claimthat there is only oneway to be American.”“And what about today’s Musliminfluencers, or as I liketo call them, Mus-fluencers?”

“I grew up in New Yorklistening to A Tribe CalledQuest and when theydropped their new album,I was really excited.And they performed with DaveChapelle on “Saturday NightLive,” and I think it was thefirst time that both the hostand the musical guests of“Saturday Night Live” wereall Muslims.”“Dave Chapelle is a Mus.”“He is.”“So is Ice Cube.”“DJ Khaled, French Montana.”“Shaquille O’Neal.”“Shaquille O’Neal.”In the Olympics we had twoAmerican Muslim women —Ibtihaj Muhammad in fencingand Dalilah Muhammad, who wona gold in track and field.”“The owner ofChobani is a Mus,and I eat one of thosepumpkin Greek yogurts, like,every day.”

“And speaking ofdelicious food,the founder ofEdible Arrangementsis a Muslim as well.”“Oh, hey, they look likeflowers, but you eat them.”“Muslims onlyrepresent about 1%of the American population.”“How many of us are there?”“About 3.5 million Muslims.”“Here’s a newstereotype about us.We are really bad atbowling, but reallygreat at giving hugs.”“You know the show“The Simpsons?’”“Yeah.”“Bart has a Muslim friend.”“Yeah.”“And if Bart canhave a Muslim friend,I think we can allhave Muslim friends.”“Guys, go out there and getyourself a Muslim friend.We’re pretty nice.”“Learn from Bart Simpson.Cowabunga, dude.”

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