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Variable Pulse Microcurrent Technology - ageLOC boost

Variable Pulse Microcurrent Technology Enhances Facial Beauty Painlessly

Use our Variable Pulse Microcurrent Technology to rejuvenate your skin and look younger than your age. Use it right before you are heading out for a party.

Variable Pulse Microcurrent Technology - ageLOC boost

Exercise Your Face Painlessly

Anti-aging treatments surprise you with a completely new face because of the advanced technologies that back them. Microcurrent facials happen to be the most trending now. The treatment uses electricity to trigger the cell growth of your skin. This helps in cell growth of ATP or Adenosine Triphosphate, stimulates muscle, and boosts collagen development in the dermis of the face. The result is a tightened skin appearance.

Moreover, it is non-invasive, painless, and injection-free. Another benefit of this treatment is that there is zero recovery time. So, you can treat your skin right with the variable pulse microcurrent technology right before you are heading out for a party to have that rejuvenated look.

You Have the Power to Use the Variable Pulse Microcurrent Technology at Home

Microcurrent facials were performed by specialists in the clinic, but now you can perform the facial at home with our special products. The AgeLOC Boost from Nu Skin gives you an opportunity to use microcurrent technology for the best skincare regime at home.

AgeLOC Boost

This product is our latest development and we are the first to have introduced this technology in a device that can be used by anyone at home. The AgeLOC Boost uses science of microcurrent waveform with variable pulse technology. It offers unique benefits to the skin without being invasive.

Unlike traditional microcurrent delivery, this product’s pulsing technology sends intermittent random pulses to skin 8 times each second. They are charge-balanced and switch from positive to negative every 2.4 seconds. Single use can give plump and bouncy skin, and regular use can do magic to your skin.

Features of the AgeLOC boost:

It is a small hand-held machine that can be carried around easily in your purse/bag. Whether you are going to the office or traveling to a different city/country, you can carry it around for your two-minute skin routine.

It looks chic and smart and has an easy swipe technology to activate it before use.

You get a magnetic charger that charges it in no time.

When to use the AgeLOC Boost?

You must use the AgeLOC Boost every day in the morning for 2 minutes for a glowing look the entire day. The AgeLOC boost is best used with the AgeLOC boost Activating Treatment. Here are some benefits of the cream:

It is a spotless concentrate that comprises of pancratium maritimum that is grown under controlled environment culture. Pancratium maritimum is a sea daffodil extract that has several beneficial properties like it is antioxidant, antifungal, antimicrobial, etc.

It is a perfect plumping blend that hydrates your skin and gives it a plump, full and youthful look.

This spotless concentrate fights all signs of early aging and gives you a bright and young-looking skin.

How to Use the AgeLOC Boost with the Plumping Blend?

Here is how to use the AgeLOC Boost every morning:

Swipe your finger upwards on the handle of the AgeLOC Boost to activate it

Pour 3 pumps of the Activating Treatment spotless concentrate on the surface and spread it on evenly on one-half of your face.

Swipe up the handle again with your touch and begin the treatment. Use upward and outward glides to treat the one-half of your face.

The AgeLOC Boost will stop automatically after one minute. Repeat the steps b and c on the other half of your face using the same Activating Treatment plumping blend to massage your face.

The process is just two minutes. The results are visible immediately. Use this advanced technology of microcurrent through AgeLOC Boost and have a beautiful plump skin always.