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Myopic surgery afraid to do? You need to read this article

Myopic surgery afraid to do? You need to read this article

The first page of the search page is either a hospital advertisement or a post regretting the myopia surgery. Is it possible to do myopia surgery? Is ICL lens implantation safe or not compared to other myopia surgeries?

Is ICL lens implantation surgery safe?


ICL lens implantation is a technology that corrects myopia through a built-in contact lens. The safety of ICL is actually twofold: firstly, the material and design of the implantation lens itself is very safe and has been observed by patients for 20 years, proving the safety of the material itself; secondly, the design of the surgery and the safety of the implantation site have also been recognized worldwide. The latest generation of IOLs has been implanted over 1 million times worldwide, which proves its safety, including long-term safety for more than 5 years.

The question of whether surgical lenses need to be replaced is one that many patients ask, as the familiar external contact lenses have a certain age limit and may need to be replaced for up to a year. However, built-in contact lenses and external contact lenses are not in the same environment, the environment inside the eye is more stable, there are no foreign microorganisms to cause damage to it, followed by its own material stability in the eye biocompatibility is very good, so the lens placed in the eye does not need to be replaced, unless there are some special circumstances such as lens rotation, or myopia more growth to replace other degrees of lenses, otherwise this The lens can be placed in the eye for a long time without the need to remove it.

Is it better to have laser surgery or ICL lens implantation?


What is the best surgery for high myopia? This depends largely on the structure of the eye. In terms of general surgical principles, higher myopia is better with IOL implantation because of the better optical correction. In addition, the higher the myopia, the greater the percentage of corneal resection, which decreases the effect and increases the risk of side effects, whereas IOL implantation does not require corneal resection, so we will not be affected by the degree of myopia on our eyes if we use the IOL method.

Feasibility of myopia correction surgery

The results of myopia correction surgery are actually quite stable. However, after several years, some patients experience a loss of vision again. After examination, we found that the most common reason is actually that his myopia has grown again. The growth of myopia can be certified by comparing the before and after examination data: for example, after 5 years, his eye axis grows from 24 to 25, then this growth of the eye axis brings the growth of myopia up to 300 degrees, which is not a regression of the effect of myopia surgery itself. Among the patients who come for myopia surgery, there are some patients whose preoperative myopia is not completely stable, but for some special or occupational reasons, they have to have myopia surgery at a point in time that is not optimal, so these patients sometimes have problems with future myopia growth.