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Take you to discover house upkeep and cleaning advice

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As the temperature drops, many people will prefer to shut the windows in order to stay warm, leaving the living room somewhat walled off and impermeable to air, which makes it simple for germs to grow. As a result, maintaining and cleaning your house well is important. Hualong.com Discover Life will collaborate with Chongqing House Services Association to help you comprehend how to properly maintain and clean your home. Take a peek!

routine dusting and cleaning

Keep your home tidy and clean, and do frequent cleaning of your belongings. Fine dust is everywhere,cordless vacuum cleaner supplier and if furniture isn't cleaned promptly, it will get dust-covered and seem much older.

When cleaning a fabric couch, you may vacuum it, use a clean brush dipped in some diluted alcohol wipe, and then dry it with a hair dryer. For areas that have been stained by beverages or soup, you can use a sponge that has been dipped in some cleaner wipe and then wipe it down with a clean, soft cloth. Large sections may be dry cleaned or washed and dried, while small portions can be dried with a hair dryer. Remember to avoid wiping with too much water to prevent soaking through and mold and moisture damage to the sofa's inside.

Cleaning a leather couch For the required upkeep, a gentle, hygienic step wipe with a leather maintenance solution may be used. Stained areas may also be cleaned using a wet sponge and detergent, followed by a clean water cloth that has been wrung out and a dry cloth.

Using cleaning to develop healthy habits

To avoid leaving scratches or causing immediate breakage, we attempt to avoid using sharp cleaning instruments on the wood's surface while cleaning. We also take care to avoid letting harsh metal furniture or other sharp things directly impact the furniture. Additionally, keep in mind that placing hot food or utensils on furniture will not only compromise the visual appeal but will also make upkeep more difficult in the future.

Use a soft cloth soaked in diluted soapy water to wash out furniture surfaces that have been eroded by liquids with an oil, alkali, or acid composition as soon as possible.

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