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What to do if a woman's vagina is too dry? The five moves to get rid of the pain

1、Don't over-clean

Female patients with vaginal dryness should pay more attention to the degree of local cleanliness and development, and the frequency of cleaning should not be too high. Many Chinese women do not need to pay attention to this social problem, often cleaning their vulva, and excessive use of cleaning fluid, easily lead to vaginal acid-alkaline imbalance is broken.

If there is a local imbalance of acidity and alkalinity, women may become vaginal dryness and easily induce gynecological diseases. Women need to pay attention to this problem, usually not overly clean, to prevent health effects.

2、Improve ovarian function(陰道乾

If you have a dry vagina, you should pay attention to improve the function of the ovaries, by improving the function of the ovaries to maintain a smooth state of private parts. Because premature ovarian failure may also cause women to have dry and obvious intimate areas, they may feel pain in the vagina during sexual intercourse.

If you can pay attention to antioxidant intake, maintain a good attitude and active exercise, normalize ovarian function and normalize estrogen secretion, the performance of vaginal dryness will improve.

3、Improve gynecological diseases

Women who often have vaginal dryness need to know if it is related to gynecological diseases. Many gynecological diseases will cause women's health to be affected during the development process. In addition to menstrual disorders, there may be increased leucorrhea.

These gynecological symptoms can also lead to vaginal dryness in Chinese women during the development of corporate health, requiring us to start treatment for the specific gynecological disease in question. Generally, when gynecological diseases can be effectively controlled, the performance of female vaginal dryness will slowly improve.

4、Getting external estrogen

Women often have vaginal dryness need to understand the specific causes, because female vaginal dryness may be due to low estrogen levels. Some women usually do not maintain a good lifestyle, which can easily lead to endocrine disorders, and if there is not enough estrogen secretion in the body, it may lead to vaginal dryness.

So we can improve this situation by getting enough estrogen, through diet regulation to get external estrogen, so that women have enough estrogen to maintain normal physiological function, vaginal dryness will gradually improve.

5、Use lubricating products

If a woman has a dry vagina performance, you can use lubrication products appropriately. As women age, some women's bodies age more quickly and they may experience vaginal dryness.

If this is caused by aging, it is usually difficult to get better. In this case, you can use a vaginal lubricant product and the vaginal dryness will become better so that you are less likely to feel pain during intercourse. This is an effective way to improve the dryness of the vagina.


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