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Which college major, professional college takes precedence

Which college major, professional college takes precedence

Recently, I have seen many parents who are going to be in their senior year of high school asking questions about their children's college entrance exams. In addition to worrying about their children's academic performance, they are most concerned about their children's future college entrance examination volunteer selection. Many parents ask the same question, "If the scores are similar, should I choose a bad major from a good university or a good major from a bad university? In fact, this problem can not simply evaluate a good or bad, to analyze from many aspects.


1, the school grade difference is not obvious, choose a poor university in a good professional, which grade difference is not obvious refers to the same batch of schools. For example, the same 985 schools, or the same 211 schools, or the same a school. But there are special cases here, such as Tsinghua University and Sichuan University is the same 985, but Tsinghua and Peking University is after all China's top schools, then even as a unique grade it. Other schools that are in the same class are recommended to give priority to good majors.

2, the school grade difference is obvious, the priority is to choose the school, some students may say, my score just press a line, so I should not go to choose a second school of good professional it? Big mistake! Remember the saying, professional bad can use the certificate to make up, but the certificate can't make up for the good education of the school. 985, 211 will always be a grade higher than the ordinary one, the second one is never better than one. This time, the priority is to pick a school with a better grade, and when the school is set, then pick a major, even if the major is poor.


3, in front of the professional advantages and disadvantages, the differences of the city is more important, many students' parents in the choice of schools to pick a lot of schools in order to a better professional school or even go to some remote cities. They think it's just a four-year college, it doesn't matter which city they live in. In fact, this is a very backward concept. Nowadays, the most important factor of the city is the resources, including educational resources, social resources, talent resources. It is said that the eyes determine everything, many in the small city of the university, four years of college in addition to reading really can not learn any social knowledge, the eyes are still only their own a few textbooks; while in the big city, many students even freshman two began a variety of companies internship, understand what they really need, and then enrolled in remedial classes nearby, prepare for the examination, adapt to the workplace in advance.

Finally, the college entrance examination is only the first step to enter the university, the volunteer application is also equally important. Sometimes, it is even more important to apply well than to do well in the college entrance exam. So in the treatment of "good college" or "good professional" on this point, or to think more.