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New parents should not panic, these four parenting knowledge to share with you to reduce parenting anxiety.

New parents should not panic, these four parenting knowledge to share with you to reduce parenting anxiety.

New parents are inevitably a little flustered, and many parenting methods need to be explored slowly on their own. But learn more about other people's parenting experience, with the baby will be much easier. Here are four parenting knowledge that new parents should not miss. Take fewer detours, take better care of your baby, and reduce anxiety when parenting.

Don't shake your baby excessively.

Many moms and dads like to shake their babies when taking care of them,Parenting Station especially when they cry. Although slight and mild shaking will not lead to serious health problems, it is also easy for the baby to form a dependency. When the baby is naughty, the parents must shake the child to stop crying, which is obviously not a good habit. Of course, light shaking is not desirable, and excessive shaking is not desirable.

Especially for infants under 6 months of age, the head makes up a significantly larger proportion of the whole body. The strength of the neck muscles that can support the head is relatively weak and insufficient to support the baby's head. The infant's brain is not well developed. If parents hold the baby up and down or shake violently or tremble, it may lead to blood vessel rupture and bleeding, intracranial injury or even serious sequelae. So for infants, especially those under half a year old, do not shake them violently, after all, their bodies are too fragile.

2. The basic principles of infant sleep.

Babies grow the same, especially at night, which is the golden period of growth and development of babies. During the day, the baby growth hormone secretion is generally at its peak between 10:00 pm and 1:00 am, so sleeping too late will directly affect the baby's growth. Therefore, after the baby is born, parents should pay attention to correct the child's sleep time and not let the child sleep too late.

If the child always sleeps late, this may be related to the time of sleep and rest during the day. Therefore, parents should make a conscious effort to reduce the baby's daytime sleep and rest time and increase the child's fatigue at night to facilitate falling asleep. It is recommended that parents put their baby to bed when he is awake and soothe him to sleep in the same way, so that he can develop a conditioned reflex for when to fall asleep.

3. Don't over-correct your baby's sleeping position.

Babies may sleep in a variety of strange positions. Many people worry that their baby will affect their body shape according to their sleeping position, so they forcefully correct their baby's sleeping position by binding and other means. The most common is to straighten the baby's legs. However, the fact is that in addition to early intervention in the shape of the baby's head, the shape of the baby's legs will also be corrected during development. Forcing the baby to be tied in a rigid state will instead make the baby rest poorly and affect the baby's growth and development.

4. Precautions for storing milk powder.

Milk powder should not be stored in the refrigerator after it is opened. Many people think that the refrigerator can preserve quality, mistaking the refrigerator as a universal box and putting everything in the refrigerator. However, milk powder is prone to moisture in the refrigerator and may be contaminated by other foods in the refrigerator. Store milk powder in a cool, dry place.

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