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How can I manage the money in my stock account?


There is a more appropriate way to manage the money in your stock account, which is "Treasury reverse repo".

In essence, the basic principle of the operation of "Treasury reverse repo" is like this Top 10 Rising Stocks(十大升幅股票). There are some financial companies that own treasury bonds and want to borrow money by pledging them. They also come up with the term they want to borrow money for, and the interest rate they are willing to pay, and whoever feels like it, they can lend them the money they earn.

For example, the bank branch to want to borrow money at an annualized interest rate of 4% interest for 1 day, Lao Li saw, feel that this loan interest suitable, and feel that today there should not be too good stock bottoming opportunities, so the money lent these financial companies up. By the asset delivery date, before the stock market opens, Lao Li's principal interest will automatically return to its stock account, and will not affect Lao Li's stock trading transactions.

The whole process of "treasury reverse repo" is open and transparent, with treasury bonds as pledges, and the whole process of borrowing money is regulated by the Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange, thus "treasury reverse repo" is very safe.

How much is the entry threshold for "treasury reverse repo"?

For treasury reverse repo, Shanghai stock exchange access threshold is 100,000, the money you lend must be 100,000 non-negative integers. The entry threshold for the Shenzhen Stock Exchange is 11,000 yuan. Generally speaking, the same borrowing period, the SSE interest rate will be a little higher than Shenzhen, the final threshold is a little higher.

Experienced investors, it is likely to first use a lot of money to do the SSE index reverse repo Severance Payment(遣散費), the remaining part continue to do the Shenzhen reverse repo. This is not only the greatest use of assets, and the return is also very high. For example, if you have 100,000 and 2000 yuan, you can do 1 SSE reverse repo and 2 Shenzhen reverse repo.

How to measure the price of "Treasury reverse repo"?

You can find out the "price" of a particular reverse repo contract at that time by typing in the "Treasury reverse repo" code in the stock trading software. For example, if you type in 204001, you will find that the "price" of a 1-day reverse repo on the SSE is 2.100. This number represents a period when financial companies want to borrow money for 1 day at an annualized rate of 3.100%.

In addition, it is important to understand the "specific number of days of possession". Common "treasury reverse repo" contract has 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, 4 days Yu 7 days. This number of days is called the nominal number of days. However, the number of days for the name can not be used to measure the return of "treasury reverse repo", we should use the "specific accounting days".

In fact, a lot of securities companies are now making their order software so personalized that if you type in the "treasury reverse repo" contract, the cell phone software can give a batch calculation of "specific days of possession". Suppose you apply for a 1-day reverse repo at 4% on Thursday to accumulate 100,000. According to the cell phone software reminder, the corresponding "specific days of possession" is 3 days. In that case, the reverse repo earnings must be divided by 4% in 365 days, to obtain the daily yield at least, then multiplied by 3 days, then multiplied by more than 100,000 yuan, to obtain the specific total earnings. So measured out, the total return is equivalent to 4%/365*3*100,000+ yuan = $33.

Naturally, the final payout will be slightly less than this figure, as there are some transaction fees to be deducted. From the table of "specific days of possession", we can find a regularity: the "specific days of possession" corresponding to the "Treasury reverse repo" of any kind of contract declared on Friday are Not high. This rule applies to all holiday days except Sundays. Therefore, if you want to get the earnings of the holiday day, you must apply for the reverse repo 2 working days before the holiday day, if not until the day before the holiday day is late. This is more similar to money-based funds.

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