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Disposable biodegradable plant fiber tableware food packaging containers.

Disposable biodegradable plant fiber tableware food packaging containers.

The characteristics of the pulp molding process play a specific role in different fields and are therefore widely used in its industry.

Pulp Molding Application Area 1:Plant fiber disposable biodegradable pulp lunch boxes.

Food packaging containers mainly refer to tableware-based food packaging containers. The raw materials are mostly wheat straw, sugarcane bagasse, bamboo, straw, reed, cotton straw, plant cane man and other plant fibers. The pulp molding machine is used for hot pressing. No harmful chemicals are added in the production process. The product is freezing, baking and heating, waterproof and oil-proof, completely degradable and compostable in 45-90 days.

There are a wide range of pulp molded tableware products, including disposable pulp lunch boxes, disposable rice plates, disposable rice bowls, take-out packaging lunch boxes, biodegradable knives, forks and spoons, etc.

The production process of food packaging containers is mostly wet pressing process,eco cutlery the products are smooth, delicate and neat, and the hygiene standard can meet the food grade requirements.

In recent years, with the wide application of food packaging, it is not only limited to common tableware, but also gradually applied to baking packaging containers, such as disposable cake trays, disposable cake trays, straw fiber moon cake boxes, cake boxes, tea packaging, various fresh fruits, fresh meat, fresh trays, etc.

This kind of food packaging containers can be printed with plant-based ink on the surface or laser printing, and assembled by combination to form a suit, which not only plays the role of protecting the packaged products, but also plays the role of promoting environmental protection and different from conventional packaging. In actual use, paper-plastic packaging as a new product, it is easy to attract the attention and favor of consumers, but also to promote sales of marketing tools.

Pulp molded packaging containers can be customized with a lunch box logo, which is printed directly on the mold when it is opened to meet the aesthetic and branding needs of the product. Of course, you can also customize the cardboard waist seal to enrich the diversity of products.

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