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10 useful beauty techniques and more DIY makeup ideas for smart girls

10 useful beauty techniques and more DIY makeup ideas for smart girls

Tired and sleepy, Anna wishes that hermakeup would just magically drop off her face.That's quite a troublesome task to do, especially before bedtime...She'd rather let her mind float around just like one of these amazing bubloons.That looks way easier than her evening routine.It would be nice if she could just skip allof that and jump straight on a cloud of sweet dreams!Put a bit of micellar wateron a cosmetic cotton pad.Blow right through it - just like a balloon!See the foam forming up?Perfect!Now gently rub the homemade bubbly foam throughout your face.Lastly, massage your face with a piece ofcloth and the makeup is off!

Remember you can always infuse your daily routine with some magic bubbles!And take better care of your skin!Lights out. Sweet dreams!Having some company when applying yourdaily makeup makes it way more enjoyable!Emily needs just a few strokes of blush.Oh no! Not with THAT!This brush seems more like a tool used for anarchaeological expedition than a makeup accessory.This needs to be taken care ofas soon as possible!A strainer for your favorite herbal teamight get you some ideas!You better trust Jessica on this one, Emily!Just put some liquid soap directly on the bristles.

Then scrub the bristles on the strainer.For extra effectiveness do it under tap water.Take a look at the brush now, girl!It's way better than the dusty thing you had before, don't you think?Never forget to blow the dust away from all of your makeup accessories before using them.You aren't the only thing that needs some refreshment from time to time.Emily feels like she could use one last touch for her makeup.Something funky to sparkle up the mood!Seems like this yellow eyeliner doesn't give out anycolor that Emily is craving.Not even a glimpse of sunlight...Maybe at least sky blue...?Come on! This too?!Emily looks at the plain black eyeliner with disgust.

Not today!It would be nice if she could contour her eyes with a rainbow...Actually Emily's wish may be granted with a simple and easy trick!Let's use somemagic on those pencils now!Take a glass of warm water.Rainbows won't appear without rain!Dip those pencils in the water and leavethem for a couple of minutes.Now check out this radiant red test line on Emily's hand!Time to take that pencil and use it the same way as you would a simple eyeliner.Don't be afraid to mix up the wholecolor palette!That's more like it!Rainbow is definitely your color, Emily!As bright as the sun itself - Emily's ready to fly high!

Oh my gosh!Everyone is going to have their eyes on you, girl!How's it going with thateyeliner, Jess?Whoops! This definitely needs some fixing.Yeah, that too...*gasp* oh that looksterrible!No ear buds to fix that contour...Okay, it happens...The girl just needs to write that...Oh, come on!Obviously today is not your day, Jess...Unless, you learn howto use misfortunes to your advantage!Take that dry highlighter, remove thecore and tip.Now drown them into a bowl of water... without mercy!And keep them there for 12 hours.It should be all white by tomorrow morning!Now instead of tap water, pour some micellar liquid inside.Let the core and tip stay there for at least 10 minutes.Insert the parts back inside the highlighter.And we've got it ready for class!During math, Emily wants to borrowa ruler from Jess.But gets distracted by the nasty eyeliner stain on her face...Uh-oh...That's a chance for Jess to use her new eyeliner remover!What...?With a couple of strokes the stains are magically gone!

Just watch and learn, Emily!See?Sometimes all you need is a few magic tricks to turn those misfortunes into a practical craft!Those scores are going up like crazy!Despite that, don't forget to sleep at least a bit, okay, Jacob?I don't think that he realized that it's morning already...Emily shows up fresh and ready to go on the trip they planned.The boy jumps up ready to do some traveling!Oh no, mister!Not with that face!You didn't see that one coming, huh, Jacob?With such eyebags, the only journey you're gonna have today......is a trip to bed!But Emily knows that coffee is the solution to all the world's problems!Grab a cotton pad and cut it inhalf.Soak the pieces into your black coffee.And now, Jacob, put these under your eyes.Good!Keep them on for at least five minutes.Take a look at your face now, handsome!

There's no way this trick maskedhis tiredness so fast!NO!Fortunately, it did!You may look refreshed now but you're still gonna need a coffee or two to survive the day Jacob...When the warm season finally comes it's time to show off those pretty... white legs...Emily already regrets not sunbathing enough...But there's always a solution!The almighty self-tanning lotion!Squeeze and rub this magic cream between your palms and make your legs bronzed again!Alright, that sure raises your spirits,doesn't it?Ready to go out, girl?Meeting Madison at lunch with confidence!But it fades away as soon as the girl notices the tan on Emily's palms.Uh-oh... I supposethis is not where you wanted your tan right, Emily?A bit bothered by the sight, Madison knows a good way to use those unwanted citruses!When life gives you lemons, rub them against your palms!Why would she rub it...Oh! Now you get it, Emily!Add some baking soda on the juicy partof the lemonand rub it gently against the tanned part you want to erase.The lemon and baking soda combo is the perfect way to remove that unwanted cream!Now rinse the bronze off your hands.Seems like it was never there in the first place!Emily's palms are squeaky clean once again!See?Better keep sunbathing the usual way, ladies!

Hey Crafty Pandas!I hope you're enjoyingthis video as much as Jacob is!Let us know just how much by smashing that likebutton!Subscribe to our channel if you haven't already!And, most importantly,don't forget to leave a comment down below.We read them all!Carmen is about to go out with the girls.And she wants to put on some colored eyeshadow to make her eyes pop a bit.But every time she applies some powder, some of it drops down onto her cheek.This process has become very annoying...I wish there was a better alternative than this...A way to prevent the need to fix thisover and over again...One wet wipe after another and now she's completely out...Darn it!Let's check the makeup stash.Is there anything we can use?This leftover pad might be just what we need to preventthis mess from happening again!Simply bend it in half and cut a c-shapedsection from the top.Remove the safety paper and stick them under your eye.Now feel free to add as much powder as you need and even do your eyelashes!Easy! No need to use those wet wipes any more!Amazing, Carmen!You're looking splendid!Hmm... what's this?Nephew's toys are allover the place again...Anna is going out with friends tonight and feels like herlips could use one final touch.Start with four evenly spaced yellow strokeson the front.Add some peach to the remaining spaces.But leaving just enough space for the blueand lastly a sharp line of violet on thebottom middle lip.Time for some color magic!All of these colors are a bit toobright for the night...Why not blend all of them together?Use the lip brush and swipe across both the top and bottom lips.wifi security

To blend the colorsto create a signature taupe color.Magnificent!It looks gorgeous, Anna!Mwah!And she's off!Madison would like to start tomorrow off with a new look.She's using her old hair curlers to spice things up.Which is all good until youfinally run out...We need to find some sort of alternative to make this work.The only thing in this drawer is a bunch of unused sponges.Which is actually theperfect last resort hair curler!Simply roll your hair around the sponge frombottom to the very top.Fold it in half and attach a rubber band to keep itfirmly intact.Use as many as you need for your hair and have a spongy dream for the night!*yawn*The next day, feel free to remove all the sponges and spread out those curls!You're rocking that look, Madison!Hey, Gorgeous Pandas! I hope youenjoyed these beauty hacks!

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