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2020 the best marketing strategy, can give you a helping hand | RD summit 2019

2020 the best marketing strategy, can give you a helping hand | RD summit 2019

This is funny, I didn'tdo it on this trip,but sometimes when I flyand I have to fill out customforms, when it says occupationI write firefighter.(man laughs)(audience laughs)That's how I feel an entrepreneur is.You're always ready for another firewhether it's two o'clockin the morning or 9:30,you have to be ready.And I don't struggle with thatbecause I've beenpracticing it my whole life,which is why I fear when peopletry to become entrepreneursbecause it's cool now,I'm worried about thatbecause it's very hard,every single day I lose,and unless you're good at that,you'll not like entrepreneurship.(men cheer)You got your perspective.(upbeat music)You just wanna be happy,don't you wanna be happy?

Brazil, how are you?- [Audience] Good.- Good.So I'm gonna do about 40 minutes up here,then I'm gonna actually,I ask them if we could do some Q&A,so we'll do some questions,and then we're gonna do a fireside chat.So first of all, I'm justvery flattered to be here,thank you for having me.For the people in this roomthat don't know who I am,I was born in the Soviet Union,came to America when I wasa three-year-old child.Very tough upbringing,we were very poor whenwe first came to America.I lived in a one studio apartmentwith seven of my family members.My parent, my dad worked all the time,and so it was very rough upbringing,not a lot of entitlement,didn't have a lot of stuff.My natural state was to be an entrepreneureven at six, seven-years-old,I was already shoveling snow,washing people's cars,selling juice and lemonade and candy,it was always to do a hustle.Somewhere along that time in New Jersey,sports cards became avery big thing in America.Baseball cards, American football cardsand I started collecting them.And by the time I was 13, 14-years-old,I was making one to $3000 aweekend as a 13-year-old child,which you can imagine, feelslike you're a millionaire.Eventually my dad worked veryhard and saved all his moneyand he bought a smallliquor store in New Jersey.I was forced to work in that store,and that is really whereI started my real career.I fell in love with the idea ofknowing that a lot of peoplein America collected wine,and that was what kind of connected meto my family business.The part of the storythat gets interestingfor this room is what happens next.Knowing that there's a lotof entrepreneurs in here,knowing there's a lot of small businesses,a lot of small business agencies,what really enables me thegreat flattering natureto be in this room is the factthat my entire career was based on,how do I build somethingwith not a lot of money?We live in a world rightnow where a lot of people.And how many, by show of hands,how many people in thisroom are entrepreneursand have their own business?Raise your hands.Raise it high.Thank you.So if we can keep the lights on,that'd be amazing, I love that.So for me what's interestingabout all those handsthat are up is I'm older, I'm43, about to be 44 next week,and when I grew up, theidea of raising capitalwas extremely foreign.One of the most interesting thingsbeing an American businessmanwhen I travel nationally,internationally andother places in the worldis everybody is so caught upwith raising money for their startup.This has become an entiregeneration of hands in the airthat think about raising capitaland appeasing venture capitalistsand investors not actuallybuilding a business,and not having the focus there.And to me this is very interestingbecause it's led to a lotof very different behavior.For me everything was always about,how do you make moneyand that's what you investback into your business,not how do you raise capital.When I started my currentcompany, VaynerMedia,which is an advertising agency,I started it in the conferenceroom of another companybecause I had no moneyand I wasn't gonna raisemoney for the business.I was just gonna find my first client,use those dollars andjust keep reinvesting.It took longer, butlonger was its strength.I think one of the most important wordsfor me to communicate in thistalk today by far is patience.I promise you, no matter whatyou're doing in this roomand especially as I look around this room,first of all everyone isuncomfortably attractive,and number two, but more importantly,this is quite a young audience.And I think the reality isthe thing that I spend most of my time onis trying to get people to understandthat patience is a veryimportant variable of success,and more importantly that I believethe far majority of people in this roomdo not have a greatrelationship with time.I am fascinated by people in this roomwho are stressed at the ages of 18and 22 and 25 and 29,like they're running out of time.How many people by show ofhands are under 30-years-old?(laughs)So for me as you can imagine,when I see all those hands go up,you can put your hand down.Yeah, you could, okay, good.(audience laughs)When I see all those hands go upand I know in my mind withthe way that modern medicineand technology is goingthat the far majority of this roomis gonna live for another 80 years,it really gets me excited/concernedwhen people want theirbusiness to be huge next year.The quicker you want it,the more vulnerable you are.The quicker you want it,the more vulnerable you are.And what has been very fascinating for meis even though on YouTube and Instagramand maybe some of theplaces you guys see me,maybe my energy is high,maybe my style of communication is fast,but my business actionsare extremely slow.And so what business actionsthat lead to slownesslead to is a couple of things.One, the far majority ofmy career I had no money,so I had to always look for placeswhere you could get a lot more for less.What I look for in the digital world,this world is organic reach.When I think about organic reachand when I think about organic attentionas my slide says up here,I day trade attention,for me every day I look at the databoth in the analytics andin the culture conversationsto try to figure outwhere should I market.I promise you one thing, my friends,no matter what you do in this audience,no matter what your ambition is,the one thing that combines all of uswhether we're starting tomorrow,whether we're an employee,whether we have a huge companyor haven't even startedand are starting next year,the one requirement for all of usis to have somebody's attention.Before you can sell anything,you need somebody's attention,then what you say in the written word,in audio or in video becomes the variableif you are successful.The reason I follow attention is,if there was nobody in here right nowand I was giving this talk,I would have no potentialto achieve what I want.At the same token, withall of you in this roomwhat I talk about forthe next hour and a halfis the variable of my success.There are many of you herethat don't know who I am,you'll leave with opinion,there's many people who do know who I amand you're either gonna likeme more or like me less,completely predicated onthe content that I put out.I spend my life in avery basic mind-frame,and if you look at the politicsof your country, my country,if you look at the businesses,it's all one very simple game.Do you understand where the people areand they're consuming?And do you understand howto do the written words,the audio or the video toput in those platforms?This is how it's always been:television, radio, print,outdoor billboards,it's always been the same game.Where is the attention?The eyes and the ears,and what is our capabilityto put content in it.Now here is where it gets different.This thing is fucking crazy,this thing is unbelievably underestimated.We in this room take this for granted.The power of a phone intoday's world is remarkable.The fact that everyoneof us are sitting herewith the Internet in our hands right nowis actually remarkable.For somebody like me at 43-years-old,when I was 28 I could not leave the officeor my home and have theInternet in my hand.When I was 30, you have to understandhow big of a deal that is.You have to understand howquickly this is all happening,whether it's WhatsApp or YouTubeor Instagram or TikTok or Twitter,the fact that these platformssit on top of this deviceand they're accessible right now.The fact that there aretons of people right nowwith a phone recording this talkand then have the ability to post it.My friends, from Brazil to NewYork to London to Shanghai,the human race has not quantifiedhow substantial this shiftof the Internet has become.And I tell you this and I startmy talk here today with thisbecause here is the real honest truthabout how the game of lifeand definitely business is played.The quickest way to be happyin life, let alone businessis to be 100% accountable.The quickest way to beunhappy is to blame.If you really understood thelast five to seven minutesof what I just said, the fact that.How many people here have a cell phone?Raise your hands.Good.Every single person here fundamentallyis not allowed to have an excusebecause of the powerof what's in your hand.Of course, there's family dynamics;of course, there's tragedies;of course, there's government involvement;of course, there's a million reasons,but the reality is we'venever lived through a timewhere people at scalehad so much opportunity.When I do the homeworkon the Brazilian marketand I see the costfor a YouTube ad or an Instagram adand I see how low it is,when I see how much still unbelievable,untapped potential on LinkedIn and TikTokand other platforms are for organic reachwhere you have to spend no money, none,and you can get awareness.The fact that podcasting isexploding in this countryand the cost to start a podcastis to just record it onyour phone and upload it.The thing that I've becomeunbelievably fascinated byis I know in this room,the single reason whatsoeveris not happening for youis your ability to sayno before you've tried.That to me is unbelievable.What's unbelievable to me is it's as simple as this.If you are capable of writing words,recording videos on your phoneor recording your thoughtsin audio on your phone,your business can grow,your idea can be flourished.Your personal brand is an influencer,your advertising shop tryingto get more customers,whatever, you wanna be the governor,you wanna be a YouTube celebrity,the reality is the cost is zero,the mindset is the tricky part.90% of this audiencedoes not post as oftenas they should on these platformsbecause they worry about the judgmentof their family or strangers.This is a very, very, very fascinatingdilemma in our society.There are people who are not posting,I mean, look, how many peoplehere follow my content?Give me a sense, raise your hands.Thank you.So for the hands that went up,you know what you'regonna get from me today.I'm very consistent.I'm sure you're in yourhead knowing every wordI'm about to say as I start a sentence,I'm incapable of talking aboutsomething I don't believe in.The nuances are different,obviously Twitter doesn'tplay in this countrythe same way it does in the US, right.TikTok is moving quickerin Asia and the USthan it is in other places.LinkedIn is acting alittle bit different here,WhatsApp has higher growthhere than it does in the US.There's nuanced differences,but my friends, this is notabout America or Brazil,this is about human beings.In America, in Brazil, in China,people worry about their parents opinion.In America, in Brazil, in Chinapeople care about strangersmaking fun of them in the comments.In America, in Brazil, inChina the opportunity to buildyour business or your personalbrand has never been easier.Easier.People see more people doing itand they think they're too late,the real answer is 99%of the people in heredo not have the patience andstomach to actually achieve it.They want it so fast.My friends, I did WineLibrary TV on YouTube in 2006,excuse me, 2007 to 2010for 35 minutes a day,five days a week,I would stay up and work onTwitter for four to five hourslooking for people whowere talking about wine,and for three years every dayvery little happened for me.Very little.People now start an Instagram account,post for six weeks and give upbecause they're notgetting enough followers.We've become remarkably impatient,we've become remarkably entitled,and so the reality is is the following.Tactically, tactically.How many people here are B2B companies?They have an agency servicingclients or some of the major,you are in a B2B business,raise your hands.

For everybody that raisedyour hand, you must,you must do one of two thingsconsistently starting tomorrow.Number one, start apodcast in your industry.You must start a podcast, go on LinkedIn,go into your inbox and email 25, 50 peopleand ask them to be guests on your show.And number two, you mustattack LinkedIn more.I think people very much underestimatehow much is happeningthere in this market.I did the homework, it's there.People don't see itbecause not that many people are doing it,which is the reason it's most interesting.It's so funny when Ispeak at these events,people always fall into two groups.Number one, they don'twanna do it because it's newand they wanna see otherpeople do it before they do it.Or number two, other people are doing it,so they think they're too late,so they don't wanna do it.People are split up intwo places of not doing.We live in a world,a world where everybodyhas a reason for no.I can't do because of this,I don't have the money,I don't have the team.My industry doesn't wanna do it,I can't, I can't, I can't.The fundamental differencein the game today is thepeople that say yes blindlyversus the people that say no blindly.The only unique leverageyou have in this roomis you yourself.There's so much information now,you're not coming up with any new idea.There's nothing I say that is a new idea.People have been around too long.I'm not the first personto talk about kindnessor gratitude or empathyor hard work or context,I'm really not.I'm just doing it my way,in the way my perspective,my words on my platform.And for me this is thereal conversation today.To me, is today gonna be the conference?Is today gonna be the timethat you finally understandthat it is time to put it out.It is time to tell your storyat scale contextuallyacross all platforms.Recognizing that a lot ofpeople did not raise their handand this may be the first timethat a lot of you are seeing me,I'm just gonna take one more step back.I believe that what the Internet is doingis eliminating the middle,it's eliminating themiddle, the distribution.When you look at Uber or Amazonor if you look at Netflix,what it's really doing isseparating out the middle,and it's leaving it to one of two places,the product, the story, the serviceand your ability to tell that story.I believe this is very importantbecause this is not even forthe youngsters in this room,this is not the world wenecessarily grew up with.A world where the entiremiddle of distributionhas been commoditizedbecause the Internethas become the middle.And the focus on not justthe quality of the product,but more importantly the deep focuson the ability to communicatehas never become greater.The ability to be a communicator in 2020has now becomedisproportionally more powerfulthan even the quality of your product.And that maybe confusing andit's a very interesting debate,but the reality is, a productis a subjective product.One more time B2B who does services,raise it high, I just wantto get a sense, higher.All of you that just raised your hands,you know what I know,sometimes you think the product is great,but your client thinks that's shit.Other times you kind of knowthat the product is shitty,but the client thinks it's great.The work is subjective based on the queenor the king on the otherside who gets to decide.Your ability to be aphenomenal communicator,how many people see it,where and how is less subjective.The content in it is subjective,but the results arethere through the leads,through the results that come through it.

I believe today that if you're in the business worldthat the ability to be a communicator,a content producer atthe height of the scalefor your product has become more importantthan any other variable.I would rather be greatat YouTube and podcastingand LinkedIn and Instagramthan be great at balancing my checkbook.That I can hire an accountant for.This skill is emergingand accelerating at scale.So here is how thisgame breaks down for me.One, I think everybody herehas to take a step back and figure outwhat kind of communicatorare they individually.Even if you sit heretoday and do not believe,it is your job within theorganization to communicate,eventually especially at the age levelthat everybody here is,eventually this skill setwill become important to you,whether it's now, later in your career,within your family dynamics,and definitely over thenext 20, 30, 40 yearsas communication rises inimportance, not declines.Thus, my great ask, my greatambition to fly down herethree flights to get hereand flying right back home,the reason for me to be hereis very focused on the notionof, can I get five people?There is a lot of people here.Can I get five people inhere to start tomorrowor Monday if you wannatake the weekend offto start making content?The world is very simple,the world is breakinginto a very simple game,ideas and making.Do you have ideas?Can you make them?But it requires an incrediblesense of self-awareness.I'm very passionate formany people in this roomwho are introvertedand who would be scaredto give this speechor who feel uncomfortablein front of a camerato understand that if youwere a remarkable writer,there is an incredible world for you.For those who are scared tobe in front of the camerabecause they're scared of how they lookor they're just uncomfortable,that recording your ideasor what you're about in audiois an incredible time to be alive.And there's an incredible world to you.As a matter of fact, evenmore interesting to me,if you're somebody that likes to doodle,to draw some of the most exciting thingsthat I'm seeing in my contentis when we're doing cartoonson LinkedIn and Instagram,that might be the waythat you communicate.When you figure out how you communicate,written word, audio, video,the next part is definitelythe most challenging.

If you ask me, why over the last 10 years,I have been given thegreat fortune to be here?It's very simple,I spend almost all of mytime and all of my contenttrying to bring value withno expectation in return.If you look at thecontent that most peopleand companies and organizations put out,if you look at it carefullyand you dissect it,it is wildly selfish.It is either a commercial in itselfor its main objective isto get you to fill outyour email, your phonenumber, your information,so that I can sell to youinstead of bring youvalue to build a brand.I wrote a book several years agocalled Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook.And the reason I wrote it wasbecause I was watchingpeople on social mediareally struggle with theidea of bringing value,and I wanted to give thema scenario of understandingthat if you're trying to selland throw a right hook all the time,eventually the otherperson knows how to duck.How many people here have doneemail marketing in their life?Raise your hands.Great.So for everybody whojust raised your hands,I was doing email marketing in 1997, 1998and I had 90% open rates on my email.Today if you're in the 30s, you're a hero.Means you have a tremendous listand you're doing a great job.The reason those listshave gone from 90 to 30is because I'm sure everybodyhere knows where I'm going,we've ruined email because we're spammingand selling on it at all times.That's what happens to every platform.That's exactly what we'redoing on social media now.The reason social mediais subtly decliningand the reason the algorithmsalways have to changeis people do not have thediscipline to not self-promote.People do not have the disciplineto not try to sell on every post.The other problem is, whenpeople try to make pretendthey're giving valuein disguise underneath,they're actually trying to sell.My friends, what's scary aboutthe way I go about businessand what I believe Isee with the businessesthat are most winning in theworld is it's super-basic,just nobody wants to do it.It'd almost be like ifI was standing up heretalking about health and wellness.My friends, if you wannaget into better shape,here's how you do it,stop eating shit and work out every day.Thank you very much,see you later, Brazil.That would be the whole talk.That is no different thanhow I see business today.Obviously you have to havea product and service,but the reality is very simply,the formula is as basicas it is in fitness.If you are not producing content,and when I say contentjust to put this intocontext for everybody,<sp< div="">

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