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Overview of common tools used in CNC machining

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Cutting tools contain a variety of teaching tools, such as tools, abrasives and abrasives, used to carry out the removal of excess material on the blank or workpiece, so that the designed geometric shape can be obtained. The following is a briefpayment gateways for shopify analysis for us all to introduce the cutting tools commonly used in CNC machining machines.

Tool types

CNC machine tools commonly used are milling cutters, drills, taps, reamers, turning tools, hobs, etc.

Milling cutter, commonly used in machining centers and milling machines on the tool, one of the most representative tools is the universal milling cutter, can effectively cut the workpiece plane, side, bevel and groove.

Drill, a cutting tool for drilling holes, is commonly used on machining centers and drilling machines. Depending on the diameter and depth of the hole drilled, various types of drills are subdivided, such as the oil hole which can improve cnc milling prototypethe efficiency of chip removal of the drill, and the spear drill which is suitable for drilling deep.

Tap, a cutting technology tool that can be used to cut threads (internal threads), is called "tapping" when tapping threaded holes, and is a tool that is indispensable for machining parts with a large number of product threads.

Reamer is a tool used to process the inner diameter of the hole and surface roughness, and is usually used to repair the hole on high-precision parts such as automobile engine parts and aircraft parts to ensure the accuracy of the hole.

Turning tool is one of the most widely used tools in lathes and turning machining centers, and is a tool with a chip edge. It cuts into the rotating workpiece and scrapes the metal surface.Milling Prototype & Machined Part | CNC Milling Service

Special tools such as hobs, hobbers and gear cutters used in gear processing machinery are mainly used to process gears or toothed workpieces.

Tool materials

The common construction materials used to produce and manufacture cutting antminer s17 plustechnology tools are tool steel, high-speed steel, carbide and diamond. "Hardness" and "toughness" are two important factors for tools, which vary from material to material and are generally analyzed and selected according to the actual cutting scenario, working environment conditions, etc.

Tool coating

Coating is an indispensable surface treatment technology for tools. Weaknesses in the tool material are repaired by applying a thin film to the tool surface. High quality coatings improve machining quality and extend tool life.


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Does quick prototyping use CNC machining?

CNC machines are particularly quick since they are automated. Prototypes made with a CNC machine can be made in a couple of hours as opposed to days or even weeks when using a traditional production technique.

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