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2020 digital marketing will be how to change

2020 digital marketing will be how to change

2020 here we come.2020 is going to be a great year for marketing because there is...I mean the economy is growing and regulationsare falling and there's a lot of opportunities.People are more so than ever moving online.They just continue moving online.Internet usage continues to spike.And with the advent of the internet of things.Now you're refrigerator, your lights, yoursecurity devices, your entire home, your canis connected to the internet.People in third world countries are gettingphones, getting smartphones using more internet.It's on the wild ride.And it continues to go up with no sign ofcoming down any time soon.2020 for sure is going to be best year yetif you're running some sort of internet business.Now, if you're doing digital marketing in2020, you have a lot to look forward to.But there's also a lot of trends that youshould be aware of that are coming up.Now, making good use of these trends and beingahead of the curve rather than falling behindof the curve is going to help you in yourbusiness.Whether you're doing affiliate marketing,e-commerce, you're running a small business.Whatever you're doing, being ahead of thecurve is going to help you to compete in justa competitive space.Because as much as more people are using theinternet, more businesses are getting smartabout how to do digital marketing.And I am going to be going over 6 differenttips.Or 6 different big trends that are happeningthis year that I'm aware of and doing thingsto implement on my business.And I'll show you how you can take advantageof this trends for your business as well.So, let's get into it.Let's make some money in 2020.And take note on all of these trends.So, the first big trend is the OMNI CHANNELapproach.What does that even mean, right?omni channel approach means that if you'rejust relying on one marketing channel to driveyour entire business, you should definitelystart be looking into having more channelof marketing.And having them all feed off of each other.Now, my main social channel is YouTube.But I take YouTube and I repost that contenton other social channels as well.

I have followings on other social channels.I have them feed into my email list.I have my email list feed into my YouTubechannel.Or of my Instagram or my Facebook group.I ferry people around between all of my marketing channels.Maybe YouTube, Facebook.You have a Facebook group.And you want to be leveraging all of thesedifferent channels and having them work intandem.Now, example of how I do this in my businessis when people subscribe to my Email list,I immediately ask them to subscribe to myYouTube channel.And when they subscribe to my YouTube channel,I ask people to join my Facebook group.When people join my Facebook group, I askthem to join my Instagram.And I offer different incentives along theway.Maybe it's an E-book.Maybe it's a case study.Maybe it's a video.Maybe it's a training playlist.By the way, I have a really good video trainingon how to be an entrepreneur.So, check out the interview series that Idid a business owner named Drew Canole whodoes about 50 million dollars a year in hisbusiness.How do you become an entrepreneur?How do you get started?And if you're just looking to get startedas an entrepreneur, then check out this playlist.I'll have my assistants link to it.Moving people around is important.Make use of it.It's simple.It's free to setup all these different kindof social profile.And have them all link around to each other.The more you can use that, the more you buildan asset for your self.The more you decrease reliance on any one,particular marketing platform.For instance, Facebook groups are being promotedheavily by Facebook.They...That would be a really good thing to havethis year.If you have been building your Facebook group2018 or 2019, that would be, much more worthwhilemoving in 2020.Similarly, if Google changes their algorithmfor whatever reason, you know...I don't know...They sneezed and they're like, "Oh!We're going to change our algorithm", it wouldbe beneficial to you.And it would keep your business stable ifyou had other channels such as YouTube orInstagram, etc to reach consumers on.

At the end of the day, reliance on anyone marketing channel is very dangerous.Let's say Facebook is where you make the bulkiersales.It doesn't hurt to help build some of thoseother channels just in case.Ooh!This is a sexy one.And some people aren't really talking aboutis voice search, okay?Voice search is surging.I think roughly 5% of Americans use voicesearch now.Whether it's just ordering something in yourphone, when you're driving or whether it's...You can actually talk some of the new carsthat are coming out you could to.Some of the newer refrigerators and microwavesare coming out.So, you can actually talk to them.You can talk to your security device.We have 4 Google home assistants in my householdthat we are talking to constantly."Hey, Google.what's the weather like today?Hey, Google.What time does Best Buy open?Hey, Google.What are some good day cares around our area?"No matter what, voice search is taking over.It's moving way up.It's growing very fast with the advent ofall these virtual assistants is just goingto continue to grow.These virtual assistants are super cheap.They're like 20 bucks now.So, you really want to make use of that.Alexa, you know, Amazon has they're own Alexa.But voice search, one trend to understandis you want to make sure you're ranking forkeywords that people speak.And oftentimes people speak really long tailphrase.They'll say, "Are there any restaurants openin Malibu right now that serve Chinese food?"That's a really long search, right?But that's the type of stuff that people aresearching for now.So, search trends are changing because ofvoice search.So, you have to keep that in mind for whateveryou're doing to rank whatever sites you are.If you're doing SEO-type stuff or what not.Now, CRO stands for Conversion Rate Optimization."John, that sounds like a really boring technicallong term that I'll never be able to put inmy brain."NO!If you're not doing Conversion Rate Optimization,you're not a real marketer.I'm sorry, but you can do this very easily.The tool I suggest you do this with is ClickFunnels.So, I have a link to sign up for ClickFunnelsin the descriptions of this video.ClickFunnels allows you to split test yourwebpages.If you can make little changes where peoplewill register for email list more or joinyour Facebook group more or join your YouTubechannel.Whatever your're trying to do, you can testout.Test out different messages.Test out one video here and one video on thispage.You know, test other picture of a woman onone page and test it against an image of aman and see what people react to more.See what gets people increasing your optingrates, your conversion rates.Whatever product you're trying to sell.Click through rates, if you're doing affiliate marketing.Conversion Rate Optimization is necessaryto stay competitive.

There's so many businesses coming into thefield that if you're not doing conversionrates optimization, somebody else is.And they're learning every single week basedon their traffic.And they're going to out compete you.They're jut going to get more people optingto their email list.They're going to monetize better and they'regoing to end up just making more money fromtheir customers and getting more people intotheir marketing funnel.Now, that being said, funnels just continueto be really big deal.And creating longer marketing funnels forbusiness is going to help you out a lot.Now, an example of this is if you're a treetrimmer, you know, what people used to doin the olden days is they would just listtheir trimming service in Google.And they just say, "Oh, I'm a tree trimmer.Here's how to contact me.Here's the area that I serve."What would be more beneficial is you actuallyhad like lead people through process.Have people fill out a form --an applicationform.Give them more information on trees.Have them subscribe to your Email list andgive them a free report on the best methodsor how often to trim trees.That would increase business.If you're telling people you should trim yourtrees every 3 months and maybe you are trimmingyour trees every year, that would help.How to case study.Why people should be using your business more?Having reports, having email lists.And again, part of that omni channel approachmoving people from email lists, to your Facebookgroup, to your Instagram profile, to YourLinkdIn or whatever you're using will helpyou ferry people build that marketing funneland just be able to reach people in many ways.And give them more information.Now, one thing I did in my business whichreally took it to the next level is when Istarted back 2015, I was...I started my own product.I started selling this product called thesuper affiliate system which is 6-week trainingcourse on how to do affiliate marketing.And I would...I had a training course.It was $5,000.And what I did was I simply had a applicationform and then I had a payment page, okay?So, where people could pay me money.What ended up working a lot better than thisis, I started making it longer because I wasmaking a lot of traffic.But people had so many questions.So, I had to make my funnel longer and thisended up getting me a lot more customers.So, I ended up having a short opting page.Which explain the basics of what we offer.Then I move it to an application.And then I moved it so that people could payme.Pretty simple.Right?So, I added an opting page so that I couldgive people a little taste of what it is thatI'm doing that will be a little preview video.To be the little video there that will explainpeople what it is that they are going to fillout an application form.Because most people were not just fillingout a bunch of fields on an application togive me money.I would require people to fill out about 20or 15 fields of information before they couldgive me money because I want to know if theywere a correct fit for my training program.Having an opt in also allowed me to do isto collect their email.So, I was able to send them email remindersthat brought them back to my application.Because some people may were interested ingoing to my training program that day.But they might be ready in a month from now.And if I kept reminding them, they would wantto be a student of mine a month later.This made me more money.Let's say I made $1 here.I would like double here.Now, what makes a lot more sense?For somebody to become a student if mine isI create even longer funnels.So, now I have an opt-in page.I have a webinar which explains to peoplewhy, you know, what business model is of affiliatemarketing.Why they should do it.How it works.What you're doing each day.How much time it takes.What country is it's good in.Can you use a laptop or desktop or mobilephone or tablet.What is the work?You know, what are the skills.What are the ways you can get a competitiveedge.So, I made my funnel a bit longer.And then once again, I have the application.And I have the page where you can actuallyjoin as student.So, this increased my conversion rate evenmore.And it also lessen the amount of customerssupport that I had to do.Or sales calls or whatever it was.Because people would always ask me questions.In this way, I could answer all those questions.But the side effect is I could also reacha larger market because I'm explaining whatmy product and service is in a better way.Generally speaking, the more you can explainwhat your product or services before somebodybuys it, the more money you're going to make.The longer your funnel is, the more moneyyou generally make.

Most people have way to short of a funnel.They don't provide enough information.The more information you can provide peoplein a congruent manner.The reason we use funnel is because if I wereto put all the information that I explainon the webinar and the application in onewebpage, it would be 100-pages long.It would be a book.But instead, I give people different decisionpoints of whether to move forward or not.That's the beauty of it, is you're givingpeople at essential levels different decisionpoints.And if this works better for you, you canthink of it like dating.You're not gong to meet somebody, immediatelytake them out and go on a date with them.And then go on another date.And then go on another date and them ask themto marry you, okay?Generally, it doesn't happen.Maybe there are few cases where that happens.More likely what happens is you need somebody,you get their phone number, right?Decision point.You talk to them a couple of times via textmessage.And then you go on a date.And then there's another decision point whereyou say, "Okay, we'd like to be in an exclusiverelationship."And then there's a decision point of you ifyou want to get married.So that's normal communication.That's how humans interact.There's different periods where you have tomake decision points in any funnel.So, the more you kind of model the normalhuman experience around product purchaseddecisions, the better it will be for yourcustomers.Now, a few other trends for 2020 if you'redoing digital marketing are...I've listed a few of them here.But content.Content is getting...It's not as effective...You know, using content marketing.I would say, it's definitely not as effectivemoving into 2020.Because of what's really over taking it isvideo.So, to do content marketing, everybody isrehash content.If you search any subject in Google, so maypeople have ranked for it.There's so much text on Google now.And people ranking.You know, even infographics.You know, if you search affiliate marketing infographics, you'll find like thousands.So, you have to really stand that out if you'redoing content marketing.You have to really have something fresh andnew that's never been done before.I'm just not too hot on content for 2020 butyou make it fresh and new.Next thing is chat.So, having live chat on your website is ahuge benefits.Companies like intercom are growing.The intercom is like a billion-dollar companynow because chat works.Using live chat, chat with your customers,see what they're doing.Or they're prospects.Talk with them live on your website is a greatapproach to capturing more of those leads.Somebody might have just a little question.If you're tree trimming service, somebodymight just have a little question that wasn'tanswered on your website.And you can fill in the blanks just by chattingwith them.They're interested, they're on your website.Why not allow them to ask you question therelive.You know, I've heard some companies increasedtheir conversion rates as much as 35%.That's 35% more revenue, more customers, more ROI.Just by implementing chats.That's a great way to...Great thing to do in 2020.Now, the next thing is video.Now, video continues to really over take content.Videos are huge.If you're not using video at some degree inyour business, whether you're using it inyour webpages or your marketing funnels.Or you're actually...You know, you have like a YouTube channellike me to reach people, I would start.You know, put videos on your webpage.Explain to people what they want to hear.You know, if you have a tree trimming serviceand you just have a picture of tree on yourwebpage...Simple, just take your thing and show people...Say I'm on site with client.Here's an explanation of what we do.Generally, I will...If you're interested, we'll talk to you onthe phone.I will asses how many trees, we have to trim.This house, we have 5 trees over there.We're going to trim.They're all above 50 feet.And then have a couple smaller trees.Those are priced out differently.And it depends on how I have to quote thingsbased on easy it is to reach and how easyit is to climb, etc.And you'll get a lot more business if you'reusing video.And it also gives people some thing to relateto.And last but not the least is podcasting out.Tons of people use podcasting.And over...Almost half of the people that listen to podcastsmake an income of over $70,000 a year.So, you have varied-money audience in podcasting.And if you're selling any sort of kind ofcomplicated sales such as life insurance orhelp insurance or another type of financialproduct or training product.Or really anything.Franchisers, etc.Podcasting is a great way to reach a moreappliment audience.And podcasting is growing really fast.And people... Podcasters are always lookingfor content and people to interview.So, leveraging podcasting.Whether you're doing...You know, advertising or whether you're justallowing people to interview you about yourbusiness is a great way to build an audienceand reach people.Boom!That's about it for the trends for 2020.I'm trying to use all of these in my business.I spend multiple hours per week doing podcastwith other influencers and very actively makingan effort to reach out to people and say,"Hey, look.If you want me to talk and provide some valueto your audience about couple subjects, I'mwilling to do that."And if you're in podcaster listening to this,reach out to me.

Obviously, I'm using videos, we're using chat.And we're not really using content.I've really not been using CEO.But all of these things, you can use for yourbusiness.Let me know what was the most interestingto you in the comments below.Was it podcasting, video, chat, conversionrate optimization, funnels, voice search oran Omni channel approach.Let me know in the comments what was the mostinteresting to you?And I will do a future video more specificallyon that channel on how you can utilize itfor your business.Make sure as always like this video if yougot value.Subscribe to this channel.To see daily videos on marketing and affiliate marketing and how to reach more people.Make sure you join the money club.If you want to go a little bit deeper.It's $50 a month.And you can get some exclusive courses ofmine.You'll get a free coaching call with one ofmy...With one of the coaches that works with me.And I look forward to speaking with you inthe future.Have a good day.


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