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Is the student’s poor grades the teacher’s responsibility or the parent’s responsibility? What do you think?

Is the student’s poor grades the teacher’s responsibility or the parent’s responsibility? What do you think?

If it’s a student, it’s the teacher's responsibility that the individual academic performance is not good, and the classmates are like this, but they are all poor academic performance? The real situation is like this, and it is really the teacher's responsibility. Suggestions for changing teachers can be made to school leaders. If the real situation is exactly the opposite, you still have to find out the reason from yourself. As for whether the parent should bear the responsibility of the student's poor grades, he should bear part of it.

Who let him give birth to a child who doesn’t study? It’s plausible that it’s not the teacher that the student’s performance is not good, but who is the parent’s responsibility? If this is the parent of the student, and the student’s performance is not good, you can communicate with the teacher and analyze your personal observations comprehensively. Talk to the teacher and find a solution to the problem. Benbo used to be a teacher and a parent of a student. The child transfers once in the fifth grade and attends a week of classes, and the head teacher calls the parents to inform the parents to go to school.

I am inexplicable. How big a mistake can a freshman make in an unfamiliar environment? Sitting opposite the teacher and listening to his three questions, I agreed one by one. First, the child does not follow the rules, that is, let the parents check the homework and sign, assure him that there is no problem. Secondly, if the child does not study hard, I have no response. The reason is that it is arbitrary to evaluate it like this without working hard for a week. Third, it is easy to talk during class time. Parents are obliged to restrain him, but the teacher still has to bother.

I took the children home from school in the evening, and I gave the teacher's advice to the students one by one, the key point is not to study hard. Let the child work hard secretly, and look like when it comes to the duan exam. Fortunately, two months later, the child's grade test results came out, and more than 400 students of the same grade were admitted to the top five. Until graduation from elementary school, the teacher never asked the parents for trouble. People live in society and come into contact with all kinds of people every day, each with a different personality. Or respect each other, tolerate each other, calm down when encountering things, and stop being angry when thinking about empathy. As for the poor performance of students, the key is to find out why.

Parents and teachers have the responsibility to help students, but they cannot delegate all the responsibilities to them. Parents have the primary responsibility, followed by the teacher's responsibility. If it is a middle school student, the student also has the responsibility. Parents are role models for children. Invisible words and deeds, your child will follow suit. Your child’s good learning habits come from the words and deeds of your parents; parents are the guide for your child’s growth, and your child’s learning goals and ideals come entirely from parent’s education. Then what kind of ideals the child establishes will have What aspirations, parents are the navigation mark!

The second is teacher education. Teachers mainly impart cultural knowledge and learning skills to students. Of course it also includes moral education. The teacher faces dozens of students in class, so the teacher must make unremitting efforts. The teacher will take care of the good poor students in the class, and will also work hard to cultivate excellence and make up for the differences! But the teacher is the leader of the whole class in learning knowledge. It is impossible to concentrate entirely on one student. I am directly responsible for why it is said that middle school students do not study well. Because the brain thinking of primary school students has not yet formed consciousness, while the brain thinking of middle school students is basically self-conscious ive civil engineering.

The subjective initiative has been formed, and the mental attitude can basically be grasped by oneself. Therefore, students are unwilling to study and do not want to do homework. This is completely in the hands of the students. There are many reasons for students' poor academic performance. I hope that parents will cooperate with school teachers and children to find out the reasons and take measures to catch up with the students' grades as soon as possible. Most of the students in the same class who study well are conscious and active learning students. They have self-consciousness and self-control, actively participate in learning in class, and earnestly complete their homework.

Only students who know how to study can learn well. With the supervision of teachers, the students that parents see are passive learning, and their grades will not be very good. Chairman Mao said that internal factors are the basis of change, external factors are the conditions of change, and internal factors change through external factors. Whether a child learns well or not is up to him. Teachers have certain responsibilities for students' learning. The education of teachers is directly related to the learning of students. Especially for students with poor academic performance, if the teacher neglects management and lets them let them go, they will only get worse and worse.

Therefore, teachers should conduct discipline and management without violating regulations to ensure continuous improvement of student performance. Parents’ education is also related to students’ performance. As the saying goes, parents are the best teachers for children. Every word and action of a parent directly affects the child, and the child has formed various habits in the words and deeds of the parent. Parents’ good habits will also affect their children, and vice versa. In addition, parents and schools are responsible for studying at home and completing homework, which is also conducive to the improvement of student performance.


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