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Silicone children's toys have risks, need to be careful when shopping

Silicone children's toys have risks, need to be careful when shopping

Children's toys are products that accompany children through a happy childhood, silicone toys in recent years by many parents respected, because the product seems to be safer, it is difficult to pose a risk to children. However, the Hong Kong Consumer Council's test is a big disappointment, nearly 30 models of silicone toys sampled, more than 75% of the problems of varying degrees, the child may be injured or even choking during play.

Silicone children's toys may have the following risks

Previously, the Hong Kong Consumer Council from stationery stores, baby stores, online retail stores and other platforms to select dozens of silicone children's toys, for toy materials, labeling, design and several other aspects of the test, the results found that there are eight samples because of pulling easy to break or drop small accessories, children who accidentally swallowed the opportunity to increase the risk of choking. Some silicone children's toys in the design is not reasonable enough, the child may be hit and injured during play, more toys plasticizer content exceeds the standard, the child will pose a health threat.


A few suggestions for choosing silicone children's toys

After comparative testing, the Hong Kong Consumer Council reminds and recommends that parents choose silicone children's toys for children, please be sure to read the detailed instructions on the package, according to the age of the child, combined with muscle development to choose the appropriate category, especially children are still in the infant and toddler stage under 3 years old, as far as possible to reduce or even completely avoid the purchase of too small, or have a large elastic toys, to reduce play With the risk of choking and injury caused by accidental swallowing.

Children's toys with more distant play are more popular

In fact, there are many kinds of silicone children's toys on the market, because children have a sense of novelty, after playing for a period of time to find a single way to play with toys, may not play again, which is a waste. On the contrary, a variety of ways to play with toys to allow children to give full play to their imagination, and to maintain a certain sense of freshness of the toy, so this type of toy is naturally more popular.


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