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Remember these 4 points when ordering takeaway, clean and healthy!

1. Choose take-out from chain stores

Chain store takeaway, from the ingredients, the amount of main ingredients(外賣優惠), to the cooking process are consistent! So, in the first place, the taste can be guaranteed.

Chain stores not only focus on reputation and image, the supply of raw materials is also consistent! This way the ingredients are also guaranteed to be good or bad.

2. According to the rating and bad reviews to choose

The takeaway with ratings and bad reviews to choose, is really tried and true! The high rating system can fully reflect the taste, quantity of food, service and many other technical indicators of this store takeaway! Similarly, the

Bad reviews can also make the bad influence of the business to reveal the original! At the very least, bad reviews can obviously see the attitude of the corporate business service work, as well as the attitude of the service personnel after the product!

3, according to the sales volume to choose

Point takeaway can also be determined by the market sales volume, that is, a herding psychological effect! If there is no store, a month was sold hundreds of thousands of copies of fast food, that the Chinese taste, portion size, health and other aspects of management are good!

4, according to the details to choose

Takeaway good or bad details are mainly divided into: packaging, the strength of the offer, quality! First of all, the packaging, general packaging intentional business, the quality of the meal will most likely not be poor.

Next is the strength of the offer! Remember not to just look at the discount! Because, the business is open for business to make money, if a store year round the strength of the concessions are particularly large, cheap prices and the amount of food is not small, this take-away do not order!