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Hot news!!!The world's first 3-d Cinem samsung made its debut

Today's introduction of the world'sfirst 3d cinema LED screen at arenacinema SIL City Theatre in SwitzerlandSamsung Electronics continues itsefforts to make traditional projectionbased cinema technology a thing of thepast designed and installed with thehelp of immaculate AG the 3d readyvariation of Samsung cinema LED screenmaintains consistent brightness forimmaculate delivery of subtitle textimages and minor visual details forviewers wearing 3d glasses unlikestandard 3d cinemas the Samsung cinemaLED screen provides consistent picturequality across an entire theaterensuring a uniform immersive viewingexperience 

For viewers in every seatSamsung is thrilled to be able to debutthe world's first 3d cinema LED screenin Switzerland said chaga Kim executivevice president of visual displaybusiness at Samsung Electronics we hopethat more moviegoers can experience thecinema LED screen firsthand as we lookto partner with more theaters around theworld as the industry's first DCIcertified high-dynamic-range theaterdisplay the Samsung cinema LED screeninvites Swiss consumers 

Into a nextgeneration viewing experience stretchingnearly 10.3 m wide and 5.4 m in heightand featuring nearly 9 million pixelssamsung cinema LED screen deliversexceptional visual quality technicalperformance and reliabilitythe Samsung cinema LED display amplifieson-screen content through HDR picturequality all visuals shine through ultrasharp 4k resolution 4096 X 2160 and peakbrightness levels nearly ten timesgreater 146 FL than the common cinemastandard 14 FL 

The resulting highcontrast showcases bright colorspristine whites and deep blacks makingit perfect for both 2d and 3d moviespaired with state-of-the-art audiotechnologies from harman internationalsJBL professional brand it is a trulyimmersive experience first introduced inJuly 2017 samsung cinema LED screen hasbeen successfully installed in theatersin Korea and Shanghai China the Arenacinemas partnership marks the firstimplementation of Samsung's cinema LEDdisplay in Europe and is the world'sfirst 3d cinema LED screen

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