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Horoscope on Slavic runes from August 10 to 20 for Lviv, Aries and Sagittarius

The horoscope on Slavic runes appeared on the channel With Irinka HD_TV. Higher powers give advice to fire signs in mid-August.

 Horoscope on Slavic runes from August 10 to 20 for Lviv, Aries and Sagittarius

In mid-August, you got the Rune Prop. This symbol unites everything that is support for you, higher forces will provide you invisible help. During this period, your position will be stable. If you want to get more power, then you can turn to your roots, your family for resources, family constellations can help in this, if it responds to you. Now you can have an assistant, a patron and this is good for you, but remember that your success depends on your actions. If we talk about relationships, then such a rune indicates an official marriage or a friendly family that loves to get together on holidays. Perhaps you just have such a family meeting. If you meet someone during this period, then such a relationship can result in a strong, good and long-term alliance.


Runa Perun, is considered the most powerful Slavic rune, and all because the pagan god Perun was the protector of the world of people from evil forces; he guarded order, respected law and truth, and successfully resisted chaos. This rune characterizes decisive and straightforward people, the rune indicates a powerful defense of a higher power. This rune is favorable in the layout of love, it emphasizes the ability of a person to lay the foundation for a happy future in his personal life.

But, since Perun fell upside down, this indicates a rigid framework that you yourself have imposed on yourself. The point here is not in attempts to achieve a specific goal and not in internal work on oneself. Rather, it’s a matter of high self-conceit, pride, although the reason may be a closed character, which makes you, at the very first difficulty, go away from people. In this case, you give up and creative activity does not work. Sometimes the rune says that now is not the time for direct conflict, it is better to find workarounds.


Sagittarius, you get the Rainbow rune and it came out in an inverted position. This is the wrong path of life, and a sign to you, which says that it’s not too late to fix everything and go the right way. Perhaps you are in a stagnation now, a period of a crossroads: you realized that you previously did something wrong, but now the situation is getting better, but your fears and doubts prevent you from seeing a positive track. It seems that everything is flowing right now, you are aware of this, but there is a plus in such stability - you do not need to leave your comfort zone. But dreams of the best visit your mind and heart, alas, now these are only dreams; forces and desire to realize them yet. The good news is that you can get to your dream, the bad news is that the journey will be long and you will have to think a lot about how to implement all this.

Also, "Express News" advised to try to communicate more with cheerful and optimistic people, because they motivate for success. There are several signs of the zodiac, which by nature charge others with a positive.


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