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80 days before the college entrance examination?

From the time point of view, Hong Kong universities it is only more than 80 days away from the college entrance examination. It should have been countless days in the school's impassioned, exhaustive, and active preparations for the 80-day college entrance examination. Stuck at home.

Due to a special epidemic situation, it has brought great distress and pressure to the college entrance examination candidates. Without the school's learning environment and the teacher's study urgency, can they continue to study on their own? Can they strictly demand themselves and manage Yourself? I want to say that at present, millions of students across the country are still trapped at home. Although it is not under the control of the school, this is the fact. As a college entrance examination candidate, you have more time to go. Study, you have more time to tutor your own shortcomings, everything is in your hands, the key depends on how you do it.

80 days before the college entrance examination?

The college entrance examination is a person's troubles and horses! Not until the last minute, the college entrance examination is not over. No matter how bad you are now, the uncertain future is all black horses. Black horses are not luck, but those facts that have worked hard.

The college entrance examination has entered the sprint stage. What are the five most important aspects for college entrance examination candidates? Experienced senior old class teachers will tell you that at this stage, it is not the foundation or the ranking that is spelled, but these 5 aspects:

I. Control emotions, strengthen beliefs, and increase self-confidence

In the final sprint phase of the college entrance examination, each student is involved in a tense review. Depending on the psychological endurance of each student, the emotions naturally displayed are different. However, emotions sometimes determine the success or failure of things. Therefore, when thousands of students participate in this smoke-free war together, students who can control their emotions and have self-confidence have already mastered half of the success.

At this time, the basic knowledge of each student is basically sufficient, and the grades are almost fluctuating within their own acceptable range, especially in the final review stage, almost every school will have many tests. The scores and rankings also come out very quickly, but students must understand that fluctuations in grades are normal, and they must correctly view the fluctuations of their grades. Do not compare them with others. Remember not to be overjoyed or sad, even if you do well. Do n’t be proud and arrogant. After all, it ’s not that it ’s not a real college entrance exam. It ’s not a bad test. It does n’t matter. Do n’t worry about it. Do n’t be arrogant. Strive for such a similar problem encountered in the college entrance examination will not go wrong, this is the real purpose of the test.

In short, in the sprint stage of the college entrance examination, study in Hong Kong we must ensure that our emotions and mentality are stable, improve our self-confidence, and believe in ourselves. We must have the firm belief of "I can succeed, I must succeed"!

2.Second, we must improve our physical and psychological quality

Near the last critical moment of the college entrance examination, many students came up with a word: Fight! Fight the third year, fight the college entrance examination, and study hard, yes, no one's success is so easy to come, all need to go through some hard work, The college entrance examination is no exception. Geniuses are in the minority after all, and the true winners must have paid you beyond your imagination.

In the senior high school review stage, there are not a few students who learn one or two in the morning every day. No matter how late they stay at night, they will still study in class and stay up late the next day; some students will sit at the study table all day long. Without moving, he didn't even want to give up the time of drinking and going to the toilet.

Hard work is very commendable, but the premise is not to spoil your body, not to sit still at the study table, and people's concentration is also limited. Relax and relax after class, look at the distance, and add more water: You should do things like walking around, do n’t take the only 10 minutes of the lesson and use it for study, and you can relax more to concentrate on studying; the end result of staying up late is the decline in immunity, mental agitation and even Sick, not yet facing the college entrance examination, not defeating the college entrance examination. Instead, he defeated himself first. When he was tired and upset, he went to the playground for a thousand meters, learned to release stress, maintain exercise, maintain good health, and work and rest. , Work on time, the college entrance examination is not only about knowledge, but also a healthy physique and plenty of energy.

3.Third, there must be scientific and efficient learning methods

There are only 80 days left for the college entrance examination. The time is short and the task is urgent. But if you can strengthen your convictions, have clear goals, and fully devote yourself to learning, and you can also pay attention to the scientific learning methods of colleges and universities, then you will gain and improve in these 80 days. In China, it is possible to exceed the sum of these three years. Pay attention to learning methods and improve your own efficiency.

We must pay attention to the analysis and reflection after each model exam, and carefully build our own wrong question book, so that we do not miss one question, do not put one question, and strive for 100 points after the exam; we must pay attention to the induction and combing of comprehensive knowledge points, and type Make good use of the knowledge network of each discipline, master every knowledge and details systematically, carefully extract the essence of the answers, and conscientiously summarize the problem-solving ideas and techniques, and seek common ground in the differences.

4, we must have a pragmatic style to overcome each difficulty

Faced with problems in learning, mistakes in grades, top universities in hong kong time constraints, heavy tasks, eager to eat hot tofu, impetuous can only learn the fur, has reached the sprint stage of the college entrance examination, there is still a lot of knowledge waiting to be checked There are many methods waiting for us to master. We should not be afraid at this critical moment and be scared by the "enemy". We must not be impetuous and anxious. In a difficult situation, adjust the characteristics of the questions when you take the exam, and put the most energy on your own scores. You ca n’t just be content with memorizing each day and not understand.

5, have a stable and good attitude

The college entrance examination is an intellectual competition and a mentality contest. The students whose scores are relatively low in the middle reaches have not been defeated before they have entered the college entrance examination. I ’m just like this or I ca n’t work hard. I let it go for a while and then I ignite the fighting spirit. It is very common in the exam room. It is necessary to have a calm mind in the test room. This has a very important effect on your normal performance and final results. In each exam, you must try to train your mind and take all exams. Take the college entrance examination as an ordinary examination, reduce unnecessary tension in the examination, and strive to solve the current problems.


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