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How to take care of your face? How to take care of

How to take care of your face? How to take care of

To know how to wash your face, choose a temperature slightly higher than the temperature of the skin to clean the skin, so that it is easier to open the pores and the cleaning effect is more obvious, then you can use the same temperature as the skin temperature of the water to rinse the face, and then gently pat with cold water to let the skin cool down and shrink the pores, and then dab a piece of cotton pad with make-up water and gently pat your face from top to bottom, so that the onion powder can absorb the make-up water, and then finally, the lotion will be evenly Apply to the face, the palm of the hand will cover the entire face, so that the temperature of the face rises, so that the skin fully absorbs nutrients.

1, baby face skin care

Baby's facial skin care must be careful not to let the baby's face in a dry state. Once the child's face is too dry, it may crack and peel, which will make the child particularly painful and itchy. If you notice a change in the weather outside and a drop in temperature, give your baby special baby oils or creams to moisturize their skin and form a protective layer. In addition, wash your baby's face with lukewarm water, do not use hot water with too high a temperature, so as not to harm the baby's skin.

2, how to care for facial skin

Nursing face skin to do a good job of enterprise daily moisturizing work,Mioggi Facial you can use as well as some with moisturizing mask usual skincare products should also be how to do a good job of water milk cream such as the order of the issue of skincare. If it is oily skin should not use method too moisturizing cream if it is dry skin condition can effectively use the existence of some moisturizing skin care products. After a period of development time we should be on the face to exfoliate so that not only can make the face better absorption of nutrients inside the skin care products, but also to make the skin become more delicate, in a better state of society a country.

3, do facial care good

Often facial care on the face of the skin has a very good repair effect, can delay the aging of the skin, can strengthen the skin's metabolism, improve the skin's self-protection function. And can remove the aging cells and apoptotic cells in the skin, facial care can exfoliate the face, skin cells can better absorb the external nutrition. It can make the facial skin look more delicate and smooth. If there is no facial care, the skin will become very rough and will soon be aging.

4, men's facial care

Men's facial care, the first thing is to do a good job of removing skin keratin and aging cells, and do a good job of skin cleaning. Usually to use good cleanliness of the face wash, can control oil, remove the oil on the face, wash the face but also do a good job of face moisturizing work. For men, some moisturizing water and moisturizing gel is enough, do not use too moisturizing cream. If there are acne scars and acne marks, you can use women's whitening mask or use some mud mask.

5. Facial care techniques

There are many face care techniques, you can go online or bookstore to find special information for reference. You must pay attention when rubbing skin care products on your face in normal times. The order should be from the bottom to the top. You can start from your neck and gently push it to your chin, then slowly push the skin of your face from your chin along the contour of your cheeks to your temples, and massage it upward from your eyebrows to your forehead, which can make your forehead smoother and can minimize the wrinkles, and it can also lift the skin around your eyes and nose.