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That's too comprehensive. Here are the necessary skills for car repair enterprise service consultants

spray light perfume

In automotive aftermarket enterprises, service consultants are the first step in receiving customers. When receiving clients, if the service consultant has standardized etiquette, uniform attire, and elegant appearance, it not only reflects the brand image but also conveys the professional service attitude and good spiritual demeanor of the enterprise to the clients.

The appearance and demeanor we often refer to are vividly reflected in the position of automotive aftermarket service consultant. So, what are the details of appearance and posture that need to be paid attention to for service consultants in automotive repair companies?

Uniform attire

If automobile repair enterprises dress uniformly, it not only enhances the industry's service image, but also facilitates standardized management and enhances the cohesion of the group. Here is a simple example: if we go to a bank to handle business and find that the salesperson is wearing a big skull shirt and sports pants, what would be our impression of the bank?

For service consultants, men usually wear a white shirt with a tie, dark pants, and black leather shoes in summer,automotive industry supply and a dark suit set in winter; In summer, women wear white shirts, dark pants or professional dresses, and black leather shoes. Similarly, in winter, they can pair with a dark suit set. Dress appropriately and generously, making the customer's impression of the company invisible.

Key points of appearance and appearance

The saying that misfortunes accumulate in small moments, and details determine success or failure also applies in interpersonal communication. In our appearance and appearance, in addition to clothing that affects others' evaluations of us, details are also a part that cannot be ignored, representing an attitude and a spirit of our automotive repair company.

For the service advisor position, from hair to nails, there are also details that need to be noted:

Hair: neat and clean, the hair color of female service consultants should not be too exaggerated and should not be scattered around the head. Light makeup should be applied in daily life, and exaggerated accessories should not be worn; Male service consultants should cut their hair short,automotive industry services with the front of the eyebrows not covered on the side and the back not close to the collar. They should not dye or exaggerate the hair color, and should not grow a beard or shave the head;

Nails: neat and clean, female service consultants should avoid applying bright nail polish;

Ears: The inside of the ears needs to be cleaned thoroughly;

Eyes: Eye droppings should never be left at the corners of the eyes;

Nose hair: Nose hair should not leak out of the nostrils;

Body odor: If the service consultant is accustomed to spraying perfume, he can spray light perfume at the right time, and must not spray pungent or too strong perfume to avoid customer aversion.


Speaking of appearance and appearance, it is inevitably his appearance that is inseparable from him. Manner is a visual impression given to customers and a reflection of a person's mental state. Elegant and correct posture and behavior can make people feel relaxed and at ease.automotive industry solution The appearance details of service consultants for automotive repair enterprises mainly include the following 8 aspects:

Eyes and gaze: To show respect and importance to the customer, the gaze should be flat, natural, and peaceful. Do not squint or look around others to avoid making the customer feel impolite and absent-minded;

Smile: Smiling is a basic professional cultivation. A smile that comes from the heart and is natural and generous can shorten the distance between both parties and create a good atmosphere for communication;

Standing etiquette: Lift your head up and straighten your chest, slightly retract your chin, stretch your shoulders, and naturally hang your hands in front of you or between your pants, without relying on objects;

Sitting posture: When seated, the movements should be gentle and steady, and it is not advisable to sit fully. After sitting, the waist should be raised, the upper body should be upright, and the legs should be parallel and close together. When leaving the seat, it should be gentle and not make any noise. The sitting posture should give a dignified and steady impression, creating a sense of trust;

Gestures: When making gestures, it is important to be natural and fluent, and the gestures should be coordinated with the expression in the eyes to ensure that they are in harmony with the entire body movements. When the service consultant uses gestures to introduce the product, they should start from top to bottom, and from left to right, with a moderate range of gestures. The previous one generally did not exceed the opponent's line of sight, and the next one did not fall below their own chest area. The amplitude should not be too large, and the frequency should not be too many;

The palm itself should be naturally extended, with the palm facing upwards. The thumb and four fingers can be together or apart, and the palm should be naturally flattened. The wrist should be extended, with the palm facing the ground at 45 °, and the forearm should be at 120 °. The forearm and upper body should be at 45 °;

Guiding etiquette: When guiding, generally stand in front of the customer at a 45 degree angle to the left and turn to the customer's side in line with the customer's steps. When guiding the customer upstairs, guide the customer downstairs behind the customer. When saying goodbye or shaking hands in front of the customer, pay attention to the other person's eyes with your gaze.

The above are the essential attire and six major looks and seven major postures that service consultants of automotive repair enterprises must know, which together constitute the overall impression of a customer towards an automotive repair enterprise.