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What are the characteristics of cold chain distribution compared to general distribution? How to better manage cold chain wareho

What are the characteristics of cold chain distribution compared to general distribution? How to better manage cold chain warehousing?

The origin of cold chain logistics

Next, let's learn about the specific knowledge of cold chain logistics.

With the study of China's fresh enterprise products demand continues to increase, the cold chain logistics services industry also with the development and growth. Compared with general warehousing and distribution, cold chain distribution system has the following three obvious characteristics:

1. Large scale of construction investment and complex system

Compared with the general room temperature logistics system, the requirements are higher and more complicated, and the construction investment is much larger. It is a huge system engineering.

2, with the timeliness

Each link is required to have a higher level of organizational coordination. Due to the timeliness of perishable food, the cold chain system requires higher organization and coordination of each link, so the operation of food cold chain is always related to energy cost, and the effective control of operation cost is closely related to the development of food cold chain.

3、Higher cost

In order to ensure that fresh fruits and vegetables are always under the specified low-temperature conditions in all aspects of circulation, it is necessary to install temperature-control equipment, use refrigerated trucks or low-temperature warehouses, and adopt advanced information systems. The cost of cold chain logistics for agricultural products is higher than other logistics systems.

Development of Cold Chain Logistics

Based on the three development characteristics analyzed above, the requirements for the management of cold chain warehousing enterprises are relatively high, so where is the focus of cold chain warehousing cost management?

1、Temperature control and heat preservation

Constant temperature refrigeration: the temperature and humidity of the stored goods have precise requirements for refrigeration, including constant temperature and humidity refrigeration.

Gas-conditioned cold storage: both the temperature and humidity can be adjusted within the warehouse, but also to control the content of oxygen, carbon dioxide and other gases in the warehouse, so that the fruits and vegetables in the warehouse in a dormant state, out of the warehouse is still to maintain the original quality. The so-called gas conditioning preservation, is through the gas regulation to achieve the effect of preservation. Gas conditioning is to reduce the oxygen concentration in the air from 21% to 3% ~ 5%, i.e., the freshness storage is based on high temperature cold storage, plus a set of gas conditioning system, the use of temperature and oxygen content of the common effect, inhibit the respiratory state of fruits and vegetables after harvest.

2、Cold chain storage

Cold chain warehousing is generally used for cold chain warehousing of fresh agricultural products, and the goods are stored and deposited through the warehouse. It refers to the temporary storage of products and goods due to booking or pre-sale in the process of production and circulation of products. It is a comprehensive place reflecting the material activities of the factory. It is a transit station connecting production, supply and sales. It plays an important role in improving production efficiency.

3、cold chain delivery

Under a certain temperature, the sorting and packaging of fresh and live agricultural products can be realized by using the required transmission machinery, equipment and apparatus.

The focus of cold chain storage management

4、Cold chain loading and unloading

Cold chain loading and unloading should carry out an item temperature change detection. The unloading time of refrigerated and frozen items should be required according to the regulations, and the management of unloading vehicles and unloading warehouses should be analyzed and sealed, so as to ensure that the temperature of the items during unloading can be controlled in the permissible range of use. And when unloading operation is interrupted, the door of the transportation network equipment compartment should be closed in time to keep the refrigeration control system to maintain the normal operation of the society.

5、Cold chain information technology control

Information technology is the nerve system of modern cold chain logistics. Through the support of system information platform, it is easy to realize the strategic and coordinated management of the overall resources of the enterprise, reduce the cost of cold chain logistics, enhance the market competitiveness of the cold chain logistics enterprises, and improve the management level of the cold chain logistics enterprises.

The key technology of cold chain logistics information system includes the following aspects: information collection and tracking technology, information transmission and exchange technology, information processing technology.

6、Cold chain transportation

Cold chain transportation is an important part of cold chain logistics, which has high cost and involves complex mobile refrigeration technology and incubator manufacturing technology. Cold chain transportation refers to the transportation of goods at a certain temperature throughout the transportation process, including loading and unloading, changing the mode of transportation, and changing the packaging equipment. Cold chain transportation can be road transportation, waterway transportation, railroad transportation, air transportation, or comprehensive transportation composed of multiple modes of transportation.

7、Cold chain quarantine

Inspection of cold chain quarantine inspection needs to establish a standardized and orderly food quarantine inspection, arrange for special management of transport volume, distance, high probability of contamination of the means of transport, do a good job of regular cleaning, disinfection and other sanitary treatment, the implementation of real-time monitoring of the cold chain logistics and temperature records, to ensure that the quality of the food in the process of transport meets the requirements to ensure that the imported food is safe and hygienic.

Focus of Cold Chain Warehouse Management

Cold chain warehousing enterprise management system is in the core social position in the cold chain system, and it is an important working link to guarantee the feasibility and reliability of our whole cold chain management technology, so the importance of doing a good job in cold chain warehousing cost management is self-evident!