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The best way to compress pdf files (free)

The best way to compress pdf files (free)

The best way to compress pdf files (free)

Trying to upload PDFs to an online system with a requirement of 1M, convert word to pdf without losing formatting but I haven't found a suitable method, most of the existing methods have two problems:

The majority of online or client tools require payment, online pdf converter merge compress or compressed files have watermarks;

Directly using methods such as PDFasset, which has a compression degree of only 20%, makes it difficult to achieve the required compression degree.

When I think about it, shrinking a document is simply an attempt to reduce clarity, pdf to word converter free download for windows 7 so I take God's action instead of shrinking the file size.

The following software is required: PDFasset Microsoft's own picture viewer; WordQQ screenshot capability

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Open the pdf file and save it as a PNG image. The following pop-up window appears, click Settings and adjust the resolution. As the resolution directly affects the compression degree of a file, I choose the third resolution directly because I want to compress it as much as possible.

Depending on the file, you can skip to step 5; however, my file has color images, so there is a message saying extraction failed.

The next step is to show a message stating that some pages cannot be saved as PNGs. Click "Ignore all such problems in this document" and finish the extraction. Some pages are extracted separately and saved as PNGs.

Step 3: further processing failed to extract the page. For pages that cannot be extracted by saving, you can use QQ's long screen capture function to capture and save directly to a PDF document. The screenshots, however, are usually large and robust because such pages often contain color drawings.

Step 4: Reduce the screenshot file. On the basis of the third step, open the picture with the picture reader that comes with Win10, select resize, and then click "Custom Size". Make sure that "Keep vertical and horizontal ratio" is checked when you select the picture size.

If you still don't get the compression you need, resize the resolution in steps 1 and 4. Then paste the images into a word document and save them as PDF.