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The taboos of choosing lubricants


There are mainly three different types of lubricants on the market, and each has advantages and pitfalls, deepen your understanding, and then choose according to the occasion and use to enhance the pleasure of sex.

1. Water-soluble lubricant

The most common one in the market

The main benefits include that it will not corrode the surface of the condom,Lubricant(潤滑劑), naturally reducing the risk of rupturing the condom due to chemical effects (but you can still break it if you move it too aggressively), and the water-soluble properties are easy to clean, and it will not be too much afterwards. Sticky or clean back and forth many times. But the disadvantage is that the water volatilizes, so it is easy to dry when used. Although you can pull out and add water to resurrect, but who would take out the water spray bottle to add water? If you use saliva, there will be bacteria, so the method is to keep relubricating The agent is naturally consumed quickly, and the cost will increase. This kind of lubricant is the most common in the market, and products such as Durex, KY Jelly and TENGA can be found in sex shops.

2. Oil-soluble lubricant

Because of its oil-soluble properties

There is no quick-drying problem of water-soluble lubricants, and the lubrication effect is longer, but it will damage the surface of the condom. So if you plan to have children but suffer from vaginal dryness, consider this one. In addition, if the menstrual period is approaching and the man needs it extremely, one can consider the method of tongue, but if you use your hands to make a piston movement, the oil-soluble lubricant will come in handy, just remember that you don’t need it next time when you use a condom for vaginal intercourse. Just take the wrong lubricant.

3. Silicone lubricant

Relatively unpopular lubricants

The advantage is that they are super lubricating and will not dry out quickly, and will not cause damage to the surface of the condom. A coin-sized amount is enough to maintain a sex, avoiding the trouble of constantly replenishing lubricants, and it can naturally be done in one go. Going to bed is domineering! But there are two shortcomings: First, it is more difficult to remove completely after use. Even after showering, there will still be a relatively lubricating period, which depends on the skin to drain naturally. Second, it will cause less erosion to the silicone surface. Kong, so if your sexual intercourse usually includes the use of silicone sex props, then you have to avoid using it.