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An article showing you what cnc processing is

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CNC processing, also known as CNC machine tools, refers to the processing of CNC machine tools equipment. Because CNC machine tools are programmed and processed by computer, CNC processing has the advantages of stable processing quality, high precision, high processing complexity and high processing efficiency. In the specific processing process, the human factor and the actual antminer s19 pro for saleoperation of the work experience, to ensure that the final processing quality at a great level.

1. How to divide the CNC machining process?

CNC machine tool cnc machining process design process zoning can generally be carried out according to the following teaching.

Process flow divided according to the general-purpose tool, using the same tool CNC machining all positions on the part. When a second tool is used, a third tool performs the other positions they are capable of performing. In this way, the frequency of tool changes is reduced and the empty tool time can be reduced.

2. Depending on its structural characteristics, the part to be machined can be divided into many parts, such as internal shapes, external designs, bevels or planes, etc. Usually machining the planar surface and precision positioning surface first, then machining the hole, machining the simple geometry first, then machining the complex geometry, machining the lower precision position first, then specifying the higher precision position.

3, to rough, fine cnc machining sub-sequence method for easy to produce cnc machining deformation of the parts, because the rough machining is likely to produce the deformation and must be carried out to calibrate the shape, so generally speaking, where to carry out rough and finish machining are required to separate the process flow. In general, in the process of zoning, must be depending on the structure of the parts and process performance.

Second, the allocation of cnc machining time sequence should follow the students which cnc machining manufacturertechnical standards?

The machining sequence should be allocated according to the structure of the part and the blank.

1. CNC machining of the upper machine should not affect the precise positioning and clamping of the lower machine, and should take into account the machining process of the CNC lathe.

2. The process of adding the inner wall first, and then the process of designing and processing.

3. to the same can be precise market positioning, clamping method or the same knife cnc machining process design process is the best to carry out in conjunction to reduce the enterprise repeatedly precise marketing positioning frequency, frequency of tool change with the frequency of moving the pin.

Third, the clarity of the workpiece clamping method should pay attention to which several people level?

1. Ensure the unity of the design scheme, processing technology, programming and calculation standards.

2. Try to avoid the frequency of clamping, try to ensure that all the surfaces to be processed after a precise positioning can be CNC machined.

3. Prevent the choice of occupying machine manpower to regulate the plan management program.

4. fixture open smoothly, its precise positioning and clamping mechanism should not damage the tool running in CNC machining (such as causing impact), in this case, you can use a vise or base plate screw clamping fixture.


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