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The correct use of insecticide in steaming water pipes

The correct use of insecticide in steaming water pipes

There are many homes infested with lice, which are very difficult to eradicate. fly killer You can kill lice with hookah/water vapor pesticides, but if you don't use them correctly, you'll get worse lice! Here's how to use hookah/water vapor insecticide properly!

Use of insecticide correctly in steaming water pipes [Insect prevention tips]

Pesticides used in shisha/steam

On the market are numerous hookah/vapor insecticides that contain pyrethroids such as cypermethrin and pyrethroids, which are widely used in pest control. cockroach insecticide spray Insects like fleas, cockroaches, and mosquitoes are killed by it, but bedbugs (lice) are not particularly effective. If your home is infested by bedbugs, the utility may not be high.

Consider the "usable space" of hookah/water vapor insecticides

The maximum space in which hookah insecticides/water vapor insecticides are most effective is stated on the label. mosquito killer If the space is larger than the space listed, it can prevent smoke from permeating every corner of the home, causing lice to escape the area, making the insecticide ineffective.

Use of hookah/steam insecticides properly

It is common for people to use only shisha/steam insecticides, but improper handling can make lice worse, causing them to spread and multiply. Here are some tips for making your own shisha/steam insecticides:

Calculate the valid range of values

Generally, hookah/steam insecticides have an effective range between 2 and 3 Pyeongs to 6 to 8 Pyeongs. It is essential that the calculated smoke can completely cover the area where the louse needs to be eliminated, otherwise the smell will force the louse to retreat further inside, which will lead to the louse multiplying and spreading if not eliminated.

Verify that it is truly sealed

In order to ensure the complete eradication of gnats, in addition to sufficient doses, the house must be sealed. The seal is also skillful, not only closing the doors and windows, but also sealing all the places where the air flows. Because only one or two places can generate airflow, the medicated smoke will disperse, so it cannot cover all areas.

Ventilation points that let air flow include windows and doors, as well as ventilation fans and range hoods that are less noticeable to most people. Sealing cracks in doors and windows, as well as ventilation areas, such as ventilation fans, with corrugated paper tape will help ensure that the drug does not slip away from the cracks, and that the drug can penetrate the entire house more easily.

Practices in the profession

Despite the fact that lice are light-resistant and the presence of toxic gases can cause them to hide in shady corners, a professional exterminator will look for all areas where lice can hide, such as bed boards, the bottoms of tables, the bottoms of sofas, the bottoms of cabinets, and other places to thoroughly spray.

The importance of follow-up cannot be overstated

A follow-up treatment is also important after the insecticide is released, since its composition can affect human health. Before using the hookah insecticide, it is recommended to wrap all furniture surfaces. Otherwise, the clothing will be thoroughly cleaned at high temperatures after being treated with the hookah insecticide.

Bedbugs must be eliminated because improper use of common pest control products makes them less effective and more likely to spread the disease. If necessary, seek professional help as soon as possible.

Would you like to wash your clothes with shisha insecticide?

If you use bed bugs, you may wonder if you need to do your own laundry. In reality, washing clothes depends on the composition of the insecticide and your personal preference. Chinese clothing can contain chemical components that remain after using Shisha insecticides.

If you have worries about the potential health consequences of these residues, it is advised to either use a pesticide on your clothes or wash them in hot water after using a hookah insecticide. On the other hand, if you are utilizing a shisha pesticide that has low toxicity, natural ingredients, and doesn't cause any noticeable smell or irritation, special laundry may not be necessary. Still, as a precautionary measure, it is recommended to thoroughly read the product instructions and adhere to the manufacturer's suggestions.