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The cockroaches keep coming and coming! Why are cockroaches so hard to get rid of?

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The weather continues to be hot and humid, and people around you are tired, have no appetite, and even have a decreased desire.best pest control spray for homes I really envy the "little cockroaches" hiding in the dark, working hard to "raise" new lives.

Cockroaches reproduce very quickly, almost geometrically. A female cockroach can produce up to a million offspring a year.

No one is as particular as humans, cats and dogs. Cockroaches can survive in extremely unhygienic environments by eating spoiled food, and they can live better than any other creature on the planet.kitchen cockroach killer Cockroaches living in the south are not only extremely large, they can also fly and escape.

This tenacity is also reflected in dealing with death threats. You thought it was dead, but it was just in a coma. The moment it was thrown into the trash can, it came back to life and escaped without a trace.cockroach killer bait chinese Even if the family is poisoned, survivors will produce stronger (resistant) offspring.

The tenacious vitality of cockroaches comes from powerful genes. Compared to other insect species, cockroaches contain a large number of genes related to taste, smell, detoxification, immunity and the metabolism of toxic substances.

For many people, there is a nightmare of eating vegetables and cockroaches, drinking milk tea and "sleeping together" with cockroaches.

Cockroaches have been proven to carry nearly 40 pathogenic bacteria, as well as many viruses, protozoa, fungi and parasite eggs, causing Asians to suffer from a series of diseases such as cholera, pneumonia, diphtheria, anthrax and tuberculosis, leading to food poisoning. Therefore, food contaminated by cockroaches must not be eaten; it is best to wash the clothes that have been stepped on by cockroaches before wearing them. It is a major allergen in humans. Allergies often occur due to contact with cockroach body fluids and feces. Cockroaches can trigger severe asthma in pregnant women. It has a strong vitality and has been trained since childhood to be "indestructible", so there is nothing they dare not hide, only things you dare not think about, such as your ears.

The summer is hot and humid, and there are many cockroaches. The chance of being crawled into the ear is much higher than the chance of winning the lottery. We would like to remind everyone: cockroaches are more likely to cause great harm to the human ear canal during the crawling teaching process. At this time It is unavoidable to forcefully remove the ear to avoid causing damage to the ear canal or tympanic membrane, and do not directly shine a flashlight to stimulate it to drill in. The correct method is to leave it to a professional doctor to handle the information and inject anesthesia to remove it.