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Canola Oil: What kind of cooking oil is recommended in Hong Kong?

Canola Oil: What kind of cooking oil is recommended in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong people need a variety of different seasonings for cooking, cooking oil is also an indispensable product, coupled with the fact that modern people are more health-conscious, the choice of cooking oil will be more careful and demanding. In the past, the popular animal cooking oils are gradually reduced or even not used at all, in favour of healthier vegetable oils. Is Canola Oil good or not? Canola oil has a very good reputation compared to olive oil and coconut oil.

Is Canola Oil Good? What is Canola Oil?

On the topic of Canola Oil, we need to know what is Canola Oil, it is a kind of oil extracted from the herb Canola seeds, which used to be used as lubricant for soldiers in the United States and Canada, and was later researched and extracted by scientists to cultivate new varieties that can be consumed. In recent years, canola oil has been on the top of the list of recommended cooking oils in Hong Kong, and it is a very healthy cooking oil.

Is Canola Oil Good? Canola Oil is Healthy!

Is Canola Oil better than animal cooking oil? Canola oil, as a vegetable oil, has 93% of healthy unsaturated fat, no cholesterol, no trans fat and about 7% of saturated fat. In addition, Canola oil has a high smoke point, high heat resistance, and will not deteriorate at 215 degrees Celsius, which is sufficient for most of the families in Hong Kong to cook. Is Canola Oil Good? Canola oil is obviously good for health and is one of the top three vegetable oils in the world.

Is Canola Oil good for you?

From the above introduction, you can know that canola oil is good or bad, and after research, it is now officially recognised that canola oil has a variety of benefits for the body. The 90% unsaturated fat content can reduce the bad cholesterol in the blood, keep the blood vessels unobstructed, which is very helpful in lowering blood pressure and improving immunity. Vitamin E is an anti-aging ingredient, and the oils promote metabolism and help moisturise the skin. It is also beneficial to the development of infants and young children. Consistent consumption of this oil is beneficial to the healthy development of the central nervous system and the retina of the brain in children. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose canola oil.