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The movement technology has surpassed that of the top of the line, the Tudor "Petit Ditonne"

The movement technology has surpassed that of the top of the line, the Tudor "Petit Ditonne"

Tudor Biwan Chronograph is a watch that I actually just bought a long time need a period of time to work. But because of our country before and you talk about other watches, so the enterprise until today to take out this watch to say a few words.

Tudor Biwan Chronograph

Imperial Rudder launched the Piper Bay collection in 2012 and the Piper Bay Chronograph collection in 2017. With the Biwan Chrono, Tudor (Watches)'s most popular Biwan collection, pulled to a new level. Whereas in the past, the Di Rudder Biwan collection was essentially one big three-handed timepiece (some of which were used in both places), the Di Rudder Biwan collection, made with the Di Rudder MT5813 automatic timepiece movement (i.e., the Breitling B01 movement), is clearly the most technologically configured of the Biwan line of watches, and was once referred to by players as the " Little Di Tona".

The Tudor Biwan Chronograph was once called "Little Di Tona".

In 2019, Tudor (Watch) also launched a gold pipa watch, a more luxurious gold black gold color, and Fendi's "little monster" image, so folk also commonly known as the "little monster", coupled with the public price of more than 50,000 gold coins, TUDOR Royal M28500-0006 it can be It can be said that the public price of the Royal Rudder is the highest, the highest configuration, the most luxurious flagship model.

The Tudor Bivan Chronograph is known as the "Little Monster".

Fendi's "Little Monster" peekaboo bag

Historically, Tudor timepieces have been "ahead" of Rolex.

The time scale of the Imperial Rudder is well known throughout history. For some time, Tudor timepieces were "ahead" of Rolex. First introduced in 1970 (the Royal Ostreicher Hand Chronograph), Tudor first replaced the VALJOUXETA 7750 Automatic Chronograph Movement in the chronograph in 1976. Although the 7750 chronograph movement looks simple today, in the 1970s, it was one of the leading automatic chronograph movements (automatic chronograph movements were then of few types). Meanwhile, the Rolex Trithong adopted a manual chronograph mechanism, the Valjoux 72. It wasn't until 1988 that the Trithong began modifying the El Primero's automatic chronograph caliber 4030.

In the 1970s, Tudor chronographs utilized the valjoux ETA 7750 movement.

Although many Chinese players in our country will Tudor as Rolex's "sub-brand", but in the history of the development of Rolex Learning Group can be carried out through the Tudor to study a lot of attempts at corporate innovation. For example, the 1970s Tudor "Monte Carlo" chronograph, "cat face" chronograph, using a very complex and fancy appearance, large-size case (38 to 40 mm), beyond the aesthetic at the time, not at all in line with our current fashion and size. So this is the reason why yourself, vintage Tudor chronographs, have a very wide popularity in the auction market market and demand higher values.

Tudor "Monte Carlo" Chronograph from the 1970s

Tudor "Cat Face" Chronograph from the 1970s

What kind of watch is the TUDOR Bivan Chronograph?

The Biban Chronograph is a special Tudor watch. Unlike other Biban watches, it doesn't go the full vintage dive route. Instead, it combines vintage diving with racing timekeeping. Let's take a look.

Tudor Biban Chronograph

The Tudor Biban Chronograph, in a steel case, measures 41 millimeters and is 14.9 millimeters thick. Size-wise, 41mm is relatively affordable for a sports watch, not too big. Together with the fact that it is an automatic compilation chronograph,TUDOR Black Bay Chrono M79360N-0002 the thickness of 14.9 can also be carried out to understand. The steel case Bey Bay Chronograph is a little knowledge different from the general paradoxical sports watch in the treatment of the case. The case front of the Biyan Chronograph, including the bezel and lugs, is brushed through. Bezel ring metal brushed, lugs are similar to China's early years of Rolex "rub marks lugs"; and the sides of the case is polished, polished as well as the sides, which is rare in the May Fourth Movement watch, which is mainly to learn from the style of antique watches.

Tudor Biwan Chronograph

Unlike other Biwa Bay series watches, the Biwa Bay Chronograph was incorporated into the design of a racing chronograph in addition to a dive. The said stainless steel bezel has a tachymeter ring and the said chronograph pushers have locking handles. These two features are similar to the Rolex Trithong. Just like the Trithong, you must unscrew the chronograph pushers before using it. After using it, you must remember to tighten the lock again or the water resistance will be reduced. In addition, the Biwan period featured a large crown (without bridge guard) with a rudder rose logo, also inspired by vintage watch design.

Biwan chronograph with chronograph pushers locked.

Royal Rudder Pen Bay chronograph with time pushers in unlocked state.

On the face, the Bivan Chronograph inherits the characteristics of the Bivan collection, with TUDOR's iconic "snowflake" hands (also known as "axe hands" in folklore) and dot hour markers. The hands and hour-markers have large luminescent areas, and there is a 45-minute chronograph at 3 o'clock and a small seconds dial at 9 o'clock. The calendar is at 6 o'clock. Meanwhile, above the calendar, there are the words water-resistant to 200 meters in red and chronometer-certified in English.TUDOR Royal M28503-0008 The red water-resistant lettering is very reminiscent of the red lettering on Rolex's vintage "Danganese" Aqua Ghosts (Danganese is one line of red lettering on the dial, while Double Red is two lines of red lettering). From the dial, you can see that the Beyoncé Chronograph is a standard dive watch. The result is a dive watch dial, plus bezeltiming pushers for racing chronographs, a combination of diving and racing that characterizes the appearance of the Beyoncé Chronograph.

TUDOR Bezel Bay Chronograph

The chronograph movement from the Chinese Breitling is the biggest technical development that can characterize the Biyan Chronograph.

From 2015, Tudor (watches) began to go to the line of in-house movements, high-end movements. The self-produced movement is represented by the MT56 series (automatic three-hand), and the purchase of high-end movements is represented by the MT5813 automatic timed movement.

MT5813 automatic timing movement, which is Breitling B01 automatic timing movement of the improved version. Drop rudder than Wan timing using Breitling B01 movement, greatly improving the technical configuration of the drop rudder. Breitling B01 is an automatic timing movement of the same kind as the Rolex Tee 4130. far more than the previous commonly used rudder ETA7750, ETA2892 coupled with timing module and other universal movement.

Double rudder than the universal timer, using double rudder MT5813 timer movement, this movement is improved Breitling B01 timer movement.

The Breitling B01 automatic chronograph movement is itself a column-wheel, vertically-closed chronograph movement. Tudor has made technical upgrades to this movement by replacing the B01's fast and slow hands with a micro-adjustable balance with non-calibrated weights, and the B01's regular alloy hairspring with a silicon hairspring, which continues to maintain a 28,800 vibrations/hour oscillating frequency, 70 hours of power, and chronometer certification. That's the Tudor MT5813 chronograph movement. From my personal use, because I also bought Breitling B01 movement chronograph, compared to the Tudor MT5813 movement, the two feel the same, the chronograph buttons are on the hard side of the hand. Timekeeping on both is accurate and within the chronometer +6/-4 range.