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I should be praised! In the final days of the 2021 QS College and University Rankings


Praise your school, of course!

No, no, this will make me look too unprofessional! At least we are graduate students! 

Still, I should be praised! In the final days of the 2021 QS College and University Rankings, Featured alumni Hong Kongpolyu jumped 16 places to 75th in the world! Next, I will from the school's learning environment, teaching staff, infrastructure and so on to talk about my true feelings of learning in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University! (serious expression)

In fact, I chose to study in Hong Kong because I always felt that you were not only choosing a school to study, but also choosing which city to live in. I like the cultural atmosphere of Hong Kong very much, and the collision between retro and avant-garde makes me feel wonderful. And the red wall of PolyU has realized all my fantasies about a university!

1. School environment and infrastructure

When I first heard that PolyU has a small campus, I was a little concerned. Later, I learned that some schools still need to climb mountains to go to school, and I found that Polyu is really sweet!

As we all know, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University of Science and Technology of China is located in Hung Hom, with a very good geographical location, surrounded by science museums and close to online shopping malls such as Harbour City. And the traffic is super convenient, the subway station goes directly to the school, and the bus stop is at the school gate. The most important thing is that there can be many delicious foods nearby! ! (Welcome everyone to play! )

On campus, the Polytechnic has two main traditional cafeterias (VA and cultural and recreational) , as well as a variety of dishes, so you won't get tired of eating the same thing for a week! In addition, there are many small restaurants, such as tea houses, American restaurants and Starbucks. By the way, students can get a 30% discount at Starbucks! Rounding up is no money

Secondly, the school facilities are really good! Needless to say, the library of HKUST has many seats, and it is reasonable to separate the discussion room from the study room. The learning and discussion environment is very good! Anyway, I like going to the library! But the air conditioning in the library is really good.

If you're like me and want to play in a band or practice on your own, Polyu has free music classrooms that provide basic instruments and stereo sound you can use. If you apply, you only need to make an appointment in advance on the website, super-convenient!

Another point is that the school guidance room is a good resource that many people may overlook. At the orientation meeting, I met a teacher in the school's psychological counseling room, participated in related activities, really feel the significance of concern for students' mental health. They are not simple psychologists, unless you have psychological problems, you can not go to them. For the University of Science and Technology, academic work is very important, but the cultivation of students' psychological quality can not be ignored.

Here, you can add an analysis. The bridge newly built by the school last year, the students who used to study at night passed by us, and the scenery is really invincible!

2. Learning atmosphere and teaching staff

Take our Chinese Department as an example. Our college invites famous professors from various universities to offer professional courses every year! And although we are studying China culture, there are foreign professors from Holland and America. Listening to their fluent Chinese, I really feel inferior! Besides teaching, professors usually have their own research and papers to write, so teachers are always learning new things and making progress with us.

In addition, different colleges and universities will have different management models. For example, in our Chinese culture department, the college has set up a Little Free Library to make it easier for students in this major to find information. In addition, each student card also has 500 Hong Kong Dollars Printing Fee, other departments do not seem to have! (laughter)

In addition to related professional courses, the school also attaches great importance to our field trips. Last semester, the teacher took us to visit the Hong Kong Heritage Museum, Tai O Fishing Village and West Kowloon Opera Center. Looking back now, it really feels like a spring outing when I was a child!

There are students around, really do not ask do not know, ask is afraid! You never know how much talent is lurking around, so in such an atmosphere, I really dare not relax for a moment!

3. Students' feelings about one year in PolyU

In fact, as one of the 19 students considered to be in“The worst class in history,” I've gotten used to being“Welcomed” by everyone this year.

As we all know, due to last year's turmoil and this year's epidemic, our study time in the fall of 2019 is very realistic, about two months. Therefore, relatives and friends often ask me if there will be a big discount and various security issues in Hong Kong's gold diploma.

But let me say this: first of all, the outbreak of unrest was mainly at the end of the last semester, and it didn't really affect the entire class, although the destruction of the school really made us sad (tears) . And then in the second half of the year, it did have an impact, but it didn't just affect students in Hong Kong. Polyu is also actively organizing online teaching, and we started the second semester at the end of February.

What's more, the problem of homework pressure has not been alleviated by online courses. For example, I majored in corporate culture education in China. You can also refer to and analyze our homework and papers (as shown below). Online courses increase the difficulty of making presentations. It tests the ability of each of us to collect relevant information consciously and independently. Although we need to be unable to fully enjoy many social resources on campus for the time being, from a certain economic point of view, in the "special" learning and working environment, we learn not only the knowledge in class, but also various other management abilities!

To be honest, the year passed quickly. I have been studying in Hong Kong since last August and will graduate soon. He left Hong Kong for various reasons and returned to Hong Kong for various reasons. I think my biggest regret this year is not getting to know Hong Kong better. There are many places I have not been, many delicious food I have not eaten, but I am still very happy, last year, I decided to study in polytechnics.