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D Rudder 1926 series with what movement ETA2824 movement?

D Rudder 1926 series with what movement ETA2824 movement?

D Rudder 1926 series with what movement ETA2824 movement?

The Tudor 1926 series is the latest watch from Tudor. The overall style of the watch is retro and formal, suitable for formal wear. TUDOR Clair de Rose M35500-0004 The movement used the Eta2824 movement, but the balance wheel and shock absorber were modified.

Many people mistakenly believe that GM cars are bad or of low quality. In fact, it's not just the rudder of the empire. TUDOR Black Bay Bronze M79250BA-0001 Even Cartier and Wanguo have many watches modified by General Motors.

The market share of universal movements is as high as more than 80% of Swiss watches. TUDOR Royal M28403-0009 Such a high share plays a vital role in the stability of the Swiss watch kingdom, and it can be seen that the universal movement is also very good in stability and accuracy.

Switzerland's universal movement structure can be developed into the following three different grades, the first is the embryo movement, which is widely used in the entry-level watches of Tissot, Mido and other entry-level watch brands, in order to ensure the stability and accuracy of the system under the premise of reducing corporate costs.

The second is rhodium plating and then a custom movement of grinding depth according to the requirements of each brand.

Many people have a misunderstanding that the watch factory buys a blank movement from the Eta factory and returns to its own watch factory for polishing. In fact, Eta factory is commissioned to polish and modify, so the enterprise cost is lower.

The third kind of movement is the observatory movement. Whether it is a crude or custom motion, the motion can meet the requirements of the observatory, using higher level components.

Although Tudor is also a 2824 movement, it belongs to the third category. The custom observatory movement is very guaranteed in accuracy and stability, but it sounds as if the style is not as good as the homemade movement.

Although Tudor has also installed a self-produced movement on many series, but on the entry-level watch such as 1926, you can still use the Eta movement, personal information feeling, and the general computing movement structure can be more secure and stable.