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CCD vision inspection system and the advantages of intelligent manufacturing inspection

CCD vision inspection system and the advantages of intelligent manufacturing inspection

With the development of industrial manufacturing market economy, the progress of industrial intelligent manufacturing can not be separated from the machine vision, machine vision as a typical simulation of human visual inspection is widely used in a number of fields have a breakthrough performance. Today's industrial robots have become a hot spot, in which the market share of vision inspection system is gradually expanding. Smart manufacturing should include smart manufacturing technology and smart manufacturing system. vision system companiesCCD vision inspection system for intelligent manufacturing not only enriches the knowledge base in actual production, but also improves the quality of products with the ability to collect a large amount of information, understand complex environmental information and its own information characteristics, and automatically analyze and plan its own behavior. Therefore, in the modern automated production process, people will be widely used in visual inspection systems for monitoring working conditions, product testing and quality control and other fields.

And in the process of China's intelligent technology manufacturing development, visual inspection methods mainly use computers to simulate the human visual design function, with a part of the human brain's function one by one to extract information from the image of the objective things, effective processing and understanding, and ultimately can be used for the actual situation of the enterprise detection, measurement and control.

The emergence of industrial automatic visual inspection system greatly facilitates industrial production, then you want to know more about CCD visual inspection knowledge? Follow the steps in the small series to understand the direction of its application.

CCD visual appearance quality inspection technology system, in the industrial enterprise production and development of processing and treatment process is very easy to lead to the appearance of defective surface defects and other problems. Machine vision inspection management system can analyze the pixel brightness and darkness of different defects after the presence of scratches on the image, the vision control system on the scratches of the data extraction ability to analyze. Thus, the appearance of the product can be quickly detected defects defects and rejected.

CCD vision size measurement is based on the relative measurement, the use of vision inspection system on the product concentricity, width and height, inside and outside the diameter of the selection tool. Product dimensions can be quickly determined through traceability, magnification correction, intelligent edge sharpening and auto focus. In high-precision measurements, magnification must be 35x or more to meet micron-level accuracy requirements. Machine vision system is a very effective online inspection method for industrial products, applicable to digitalized and automated industries with increasingly high standards of production accuracy and precision.

What are the application characteristics of automated inspection system?

1.Visual positioning system: Visual positioning of the size and location of the target product, in the inspection process if the appearance of these features is inconsistent with the image provided by the database, from which to determine whether the product is qualified.

2. Visual Measurement and Inspection: The product is placed under an industrial camera. The visual measurement system can automatically align the product shape, quickly measure the product shape and length, width, height, but also increase the number of CCD cameras, according to different product measurement requirements to adjust the angle, so that the measurement accuracy increased to 0.001 mm.

3, automatic identification: can automatically identify the product color, graphics, characters, etc., through the database for arithmetic to determine whether the characters, colors, graphics appear on the test product is correct to determine whether the inspected product is qualified.

4. High detection efficiency, can automatically detect the appearance of defects in bulk products, CCD industrial camera can detect, according to the system control, the error is very small, high detection efficiency, can be more than 400-1200/min, depending on the product being tested. Some small parts can also exceed thousands or even more than 100,000 speed.

Vision technology inspection management system is the use of network machine learning vision hardware (i.e., image ingestion device) will be ingested target is converted into image data signals, transmitted to the dedicated image analysis and processing work system, according to the Chinese pixel distribution and brightness, color, and other information, converted into digital signals; transmitted to the visual image recognition system of these research signals problem of the social variety of operations to extract the characteristics of the target. In turn, it can control the equipment action at the construction site according to the result of the discrimination. It is a valuable mechanism used in companies for production, assembly or packaging. It is invaluable in detecting defects and preventing defective products from being distributed to consumers.