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How to properly understand the core of SEO?


For those of you who work in SEO, you may think that SEO is the best way to get free traffic. This statement may have had some truth to it a few years ago, but I'm going to say that as it stands, SEO is not and no longer is. You can't help but recognize this.

You'll notice that a few years ago it was very easy to do SEO, and anyone who knew a little bit about it knew that all you needed to do was to repeat keywords multiple times in your website, use a collector to capture and publish content directly, and run and manage multiple websites at the same time to get a decent amount of traffic. If I remember correctly, this has been June 28, 2012 things.

At that time, Baidu took large-scale K-site measures for low-quality websites, mainly for content collection sites. At that time, the query traffic, ranking, you will find that most of the sites were K. Some webmasters thought it might be a transient failure caused by Baidu's search engine algorithm upgrade, which later caused more and more people to exchange discussions.

And Baidu official engineer Lee gave the original explanation:

This update for low-quality sites in the search results show more control;seo what is seo low-quality sites are: no original or pseudo-original (very little original content, a lot of collected content or machine-generated/modified content); this part of the site is not designed for end users, but only to get traffic from the search engine.

In the year that followed, the Baidu search engine launched the Green Luo algorithm, the Pomegranate algorithm, the Starfire program and so on. Previously, 100 sites were operated by only 2 people, this time after the 6.28 incident expanded to 10 people, the cost increased by 5 times. With the constant updating and upgrading of search engine algorithms, this cost is still increasing. The source of most Internet content is now imitation. The cost of imitation writing is much higher than the use of OCR software for softening, every day an editorial staff can convert 300 to 500 pieces of content, while the imitation of up to 50 pieces, the cost of another 10-fold increase.

In fact, before doing SEO should be fully prepared to think, do not simply think that a person, a computer, a website can create a myth. Before you start doing SEO, you should recruit and train a full-time content editor, and find a professional outsourcing team to customize and develop the templates for your website, which is the first step to do SEO. If you start with a downloaded template and the content is reprinted or pseudo-originated, then you lose at the starting line.

SEO can not be associated with cheating, back to the essence of website building to see:

The initial purpose of the website: in order to allow users to obtain information or services through the website.

The purpose of SEO: simply to make the structure of the site more reasonable, so that the content editing more in line with the user's browsing habits.

The core evolution of SEO at this stage: content is the first element.

For example: Baidu's recent announcements, the previous Baidu butterfly action, increase the original protection, cancel the news source, etc., which can be seen that the content is already the core of the current stage of SEO. In April of this year, Baidu webmaster platform began original protection site inside, the first batch of access to 20 sites. Original protection site and what is it? What are the advantages of such a site compared to ordinary sites? As a webmaster, what should you do?

Confusion: many webmasters will encounter their own site hard work to publish quality original article content will be encountered can not be captured in a timely manner, included and no ranking, but when the article is a well-known site collection but can be included in a second there is a ranking.wordpress saas This is very unfair to the original site, it is easy for the webmaster to lose the power to do original.

In this regard, Baidu webmaster platform to carry out the original protection program, from the crawl mechanism, library building strategy, search architecture and content display measures.

What are the advantages of the original protection of the site? (Directly on the dry goods)

Crawl preferential treatment: the original data submitted by the recognized original station is crawled at the minute level.

Enjoy the preferential treatment of library building: the original data submitted by the original station is built at the minute level or by Tianji.

Sorting preferential treatment: This function will be open to original stations.

In addition, the original content in the search results page special effects display, original reporting and proof function is being designed.

How to do a good job of their own site, become an original protection site? Baidu gives suggestions for reference:

1. prohibit pseudo-originality.

2. Continuous output of high-quality original content. 3.

3. Webmasters can submit original links in real time through the webmaster platform in order to get original protection faster.

Content as the core competitiveness of a website, which is why in the past two years, "today's headlines" and other new media hot reason. Many self-media people are willing to build a large number of highly original content on these platforms, which can precisely meet the needs of users.

The originality mentioned here is valuable