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What does a girl mean by "ship"?

What does a girl mean by "ship"?

Interested in or hoping for a romantic relationship between (famous individuals or fictitious characters), regardless of whether the romance is real Those two would be a fantastic couple, so I'm shipping for them! Study Up.

Is there an ocean on Earth number six?

Although it's not on Earth's surface, scientists have discovered the planet's sixth ocean. Earth has five oceans: the Pacific, Indian, Arctic, Southern, and Atlantic. Significant amounts of water between the Earth's upper and lower mantles have now been discovered, according to research conducted by an international team of scientists.

Five oceans or seven seas?

The North Pacific, South Pacific, North Atlantic, Indian, and Southern oceans are all part of the Seven Seas. Though there are references in ancient literature that go back thousands of years, the exact origin of the phrase "Seven Seas" is unknown.

When is the right time of year to wax a boat?

Generally, we advise waxing your boat every three months, or once every quarter. Preventing oxidation is crucial for maintaining the finish of your yacht because saltwater and sunlight can be damaging.

Why do nations not remove salt from their seawater?

According to specialists in water policy, desalination facilities are expensive to run, consume massive quantities of energy, and are challenging to manage in an environmentally responsible manner.

Why do people in Japan consume so much seaweed?

Seaweed has a long history in Japanese cuisine as a nutritious and healthful ingredient. Eating seaweed has long been a tradition among the Japanese. Seaweed was so valued that the Imperial court was reportedly handed it as a gift, according to a Japanese manuscript dating back 1200 years.

What is a cleaning station for manta rays?

Palau's manta ray cleaning stations are one of its main attractions. Divers and snorkelers almost always spot manta rays during their dives because of these locations. Both big and small animals travel to cleaning stations to get the attention of tiny fish that are experts at extracting objects from bodies.

How much time does a house cleaning take?

If you are cleaning a standard-sized home by yourself, it typically takes three hours to finish. The size of your home that needs to be cleaned will always determine how quickly maid services and other cleaning services clean, but they will clean at a pace of one hour since they send at least two cleaners.ROV underwater cleaning

How do manta rays and cleaning fish relate to each other?

The common consensus is that manta rays and remora species coexist in symbiosis, with remoras helping rays obtain greater access to food and shelter while rays removing ectoparasites from their hosts.

Which cleaning process takes an hour?

the entire concept? Just set up an hour every day to clean or tidy a certain part of your house, or do whatever else you can fit into that time frame. Your room will look completely different and be simpler to maintain after about a month-all without the stress of cramming everything in at once.