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Eczema treatment needs to master the correct method to be effective

Eczema treatment needs to master the correct method to be effective

In the course of eczema treatment, some patients often say that the effect is not obvious, or even aggravate the condition. In fact, there is a direct relationship with not mastering the correct method, nowadays, with the advancement of medical technology, there are a lot of special-effective drugs, if you can follow the doctor's advice to adhere to the treatment, you can effectively control the condition. If you want to achieve the desired effect, during the treatment, patients need to pay attention to the following issues to ensure the smooth implementation of the treatment program.

Eczema treatment is more effective when taken internally than externally.

Since it is a skin-related disease, patients often think that eczema should be treated with topical medications. In fact, due to the many causes of eczema, even with the use of medication, the progress of improvement will vary from person to person. With the advancement of medical technology, oral JAK inhibitors can be used for patients with severe eczema. Compared with traditional injections and other topical medications, oral preparations are more effective and convenient. Of course, while doctors will recommend this as the preferred treatment option for eczema, a variety of medications may be used to supplement the treatment depending on the patient's condition.

Avoiding irritants during eczema treatment

Eczema is closely related to allergy, and environmental factors should not be ignored, especially the climate and environment of Hong Kong are suitable for the growth of dust mites, patients need to regularly clean their bedding at home, with dehumidification equipment to avoid the breeding of fungi, and use cotton material for personal clothing or products as much as possible, to minimize skin irritation, which is very helpful to the treatment of eczema, and can help patients stay away from the possibility of recurrence.

Moisturize well for eczema treatment

Hong Kong's climate is mostly humid, but you can't neglect moisturizing your skin during eczema treatment. Keeping away from allergens and moisturizing your skin well can improve its resistance. Avoid bathing in excessively hot water, especially during the fall and winter months, and moisturize your skin. As the condition resolves, the patient should not stop taking the medication immediately, but allow the doctor to make a diagnosis and gradually reduce the dosage in order to avoid a relapse of the condition.