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The benefits of Chinese or Thai massage

The benefits of Chinese or Thai massage

Tuina originated in ancient China and is considered to be the oldest system of physical exercise. outcall massage It is one of the four branches of traditional Chinese medicine, alongside acupuncture, Qigong and Chinese herbal medicine.

It is based on the theory that a qi imbalance in the body's life force or energy can lead to blockages or imbalances, which can lead to symptoms such as pain and disease.

Massage can be performed using many of the same principles as acupuncture to stimulate the flow of qi and blood and promote homeostasis and harmony.

This is similar to the way acupuncture targets specific points, but doctors use their fingers instead of needles to apply pressure to stimulate those points. hong kong erotic massage Massage is often combined with acupuncture.

How does massage work?

The philosophy and principles of massage are based on traditional Chinese medicine, which focuses on the emotional and physical components of a person's well-being, as well as aspects such as climate, relationships and diet.

The basic idea of massage is that when a person finds harmony and balance between himself and his environment, he will achieve true health. The goal of massage is to create harmony between Yin and Yang of the body by removing the obstacles and disturbances of illness, illness and emotional problems.

Similar to acupuncture, massage can be performed using the same energy meridians and points to balance the qi and blood in your body for better health. The wrong flow of gas can lead to blockages, such as poor blood circulation in the affected area. The main therapeutic goal of massage is to remove the areas that cause qi stagnation.