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Cabinet countertops with quartz stone or stainless steel, which is good? Choose the wrong big difference, choose the right use m

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Although the countertop accounts for a small proportion in the kitchen, but it has a very important role. Kitchen smoke and dust is more, the choice of counter must be anti-pollution, but also heat-resistant, the choice of quality is key.quartz benchtops Choose the two most durable countertops, quartzite or stainless steel? Choose the wrong big difference, choose the right one for a few more years.

Quartz stone countertops:

Quartzite countertops are dominated by quartz sand and crushed glass. Metal impurities in the quartz sand are removed during processing and manufacturing to prevent radioactive materials. After the large sized slabs are made,quartz slabs the surface is sanded and polished in more than 30 steps. It can be seen that quartz stone workmanship is so fine, the quality is absolutely guaranteed, so the price is not low.

Quartz stone has high density, high hardness, and very good dirt and stain resistance. Unlike quartzite and ordinary marble, the heat-resistant effect is very good, more than 1300 degrees. In addition to the surface after 30 procedures after polishing, anti-scratch effect is very good, with a very right will not appear scratches, countertops will not get old.

Of course, the color style of quartzite is relatively new, suitable for a variety of decorative styles, but also suitable for the current aesthetic, a wider range of choices.

Stainless steel countertops:

Stainless steel material we should be more familiar with the development of the main color is also the only color that can be used to carry out a wide range of silver, and at the same time with a sense of metal,quartz vanity tops used as a decorative cabinet countertops more or less less rustic. Stainless steel price is relatively low, relatively civilian price. However, it is divided into several layers, the thickness is different, the price is also different, this point needs to pass to understand a little.

Of course, the quality of stainless steel worktops is reliable, with green environmental protection without radiation, elegant and luxurious, waterproof and easy to clean, non-stick oil, heat-resistant and wear-resistant, non-cracking, durable and so on. However, the stainless steel workbench is used for a long time, the surface is easy to appear scratches, if a little uniform effect will not be too big, but if you often use a place, there will be polishing phenomenon.

From all aspects, from the point of view of decorative effect, cabinet countertops are best used with quartz stone countertops. However, due to the relatively high price, there are many mixed products on the market, so don't be greedy and cheap when buying, and do a good job of selection before buying.