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What is the Internet of Things? 3 minutes understanding

What is the Internet of Things? 3 minutes understanding

Have you ever heard of the Internet of Things, which is booming in recent years? What does Internet of Things mean? qcm6125 What is a lot? What is the Internet of Things? With the continuous development and improvement of Internet of Things technology, it will become one of the core technologies of intelligent life and industrial production in the future, including smart city, smart home, smart medical, intelligent transportation and other fields. Through the Internet of Things technology, we can achieve intelligence and automation, improve production efficiency and quality, save energy and resources, and will also promote the further development and progress of human society. If you don't know what the Internet of Things is, let's take 3 minutes to look at the definition, pros and cons of the Internet of Things!

What does the Internet of Things mean? The definition of iot tells you

Iot devices integrate the cloud, mathematical computing systems and AI artificial intelligence through system integration services. qualcomm qcm6490 Etc., combined with all advanced technology drivers, so that the development of industrial Internet of things in our world can obtain more kinetic energy and combined resources, and drive the comprehensive transformation of modern new design lifestyle. Whether it is an automated production line that introduces remote robots, a smart tourism transportation system that controls public transportation, or a smart farm that can use remote systems to sense and monitor environmental changes, including information system integration and software system integration, the development of these smart cities not only needs to re-shape a new business operation model, It has also redefined ubiquitous digital connectivity services and changed the lives of all mankind.

What is the Internet of Things (Iot), an interconnected system of computing devices, digital machines, and machines with universally unique identifiers (UIDS), and the ability to transmit data over the Internet without the need for an interactive Internet of people to people or people to devices, and to string these things together for systems and data applications." .

Definition of the Internet of Things: The definition of the Internet of Things is the convergence of everyday "things" with the "Internet," which refers to the technology that helps devices communicate with the cloud and devices and the aggregate network that connects various devices.

What is the origin of the Internet of Things?

The concept of the Internet of Things probably dates back to the early 1980s. The Cola vending machine is the first device in the world to hint at the concept of the Internet of Things. The device has the ability to connect to the Internet to view inventory on the Internet and provide queries about the number of drinks available.

How does the Internet of Things work? What is the operation process?

A typical iot system can exchange and collect data at any time. A typical iot system consists of three parts:

Smart device

Smart devices are devices that have computing power, such as monitors, televisions or sports equipment. Can be classified as a kind of smart device. These devices collect data from the surrounding environment, user usage patterns, user input, and so on. This data is then exchanged with iot applications over the network.

iot applications

Many applications are software and services that integrate data from various Iot devices. Use machine learning or artificial intelligence techniques to analyze this data and make informed decisions. The decision is then passed back to the iot device, making it more intelligent to provide user responses and meet user needs.

IOT devices can be managed through a graphical user interface. Common examples include applications or websites that can be used to control and register smart devices.