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2 Ways to Get Rid of Aphids with Insecticidal Materials You Can Find in Your Kitchen

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Now in winter, there are not so many aphids. Once it warms up the following spring, aphids keep popping up, which is annoying for those who grow species of flowers at home. Even if you only grow a few vegetables,SPRITEX insect killer supplier you can be infected with a variety of aphids. What is the best way to control it?

First of all, we need to recognize the characteristics of aphids, so that a we can carry out better control, aphids are a very easy to recognize through the pest, it is especially for the common, the whole head is also in the pest management inside the larger,RAMBO insect killer manufacturer crawling around on the plant, looking very annoying.

There are many different kinds of aphids, the most common is white, some are yellow-green, their larvae and adults can be seen with the naked eye, the size is usually between one millimeter and one centimeter, their bodies look a little translucent,Chinese VITFE Insecticide spray the most common colors of aphids are white, green, brown, yellow, black and red.

If you look closely at an aphid with a magnifying glass, you will see that it has six long, thin legs. You can also see that it has a pair of long tentacles that grow on its head and then it will have a larger abdomen. If they are well fed, the whole abdomen will expand and on the end of the aphid, it will have a feather like tail.

Aphids in large numbers will parasitize under leaves and appear on branches, buds, and leaves. Therefore, when growing flowers and vegetables, we should always check the growth of the plants, not only the leaves, but also the back of the leaves.

If infected with aphids, many florists will simply buy some insecticides to spray, such as common flower god, imidacloprid and other insecticides.

But we'd better remove it by organic method to avoid chemical residue.

1. Physical Removal

This research method has a very simple and rough method, which is by washing with water directly. For some robust plants, such as our home balcony potted flowers, once infected with aphids, must be able to effectively remove in a timely manner, you can use some of their own problems more powerful water to wash them away, you can use the hose pinch the side of the hose to learn to produce a strong water flow, can be washed away the aphids. But be careful not to hurt the plants.

For leaves and branches that are particularly susceptible to pests, cut them down and burn them or throw them in the trash. For parts with low aphid populations, wash the branches and leaves with water.

2. Garlic solution

I tried this method is more effective, is to use our usual garlic, chopped, ground into garlic paste, then soaked in warm water for about a day, then filter out the residue, add appropriate water, and then sprayed to the infected places, sprayed evenly, effectively eliminating pests. To enhance the effect, add two tablespoons of alcohol to the solution, mix well, add a few drops of soapy water and then spray the infected area.

Garlic itself has some fungicidal properties. Garlic contains certain insecticides, but garlic is so expensive that many people are reluctant to use it. You can then use soap and water at this time of year, soapy water or detergent can also be used to get rid of aphids, as well as diluting the water with soapy water, you can spray the solution over the infected area, being careful not to spray every day, but usually every 4 to 5 days to maintain the proper concentration.

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