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Large Cargo Maritime Logistics: What details do I need to pay attention to when shipping large cargo?

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Maritime large cargo logistics refers to the way of cargo transportation by large cargo carriers at sea, including machinery and equipment,esg shipping industrial equipment, steel structures, power station equipment, offshore wind power equipment, prefabricated bridge structures, shore cranes and so on. This mode of transportation is more difficult due to the need for specific large maritime carriers and loading and unloading equipment, but it has also become an important part of maritime logistics空运报价.

When shipping large cargo by sea, we need to pay attention to the details through the following aspects. First of all, before lifting need students according to the detailed information of the large parts of the detailed information to calculate the placement of the cabin, and in the fixed point to do a good job of marking. In the process of lifting construction, it is necessary to minimize the draft difference of the ship and adjust the ship's cable at any time to prevent the ship from being unstable and affecting the enterprise operation. Secondly, the reinforcement lashing is very important, according to their own cargo body type choose to use different reinforcement treatment, and pay attention to the development of the goods can not be hurt, the welding lashing to be careful. In the process of large transport management, need time to arrange special person responsible for supervising and checking the goods, especially for the encounter of windy weather, the ship will sway, may lead to cause the goods to move, so the teacher needs to pay closer attention to, if necessary, can be taken in time to take some risk avoidance measures. Finally, when lifting and unloading need to first carry out a more comprehensive quality inspection of the cargo situation, to ensure that the cargo is not capable of damage, and then is in accordance with the design of the lifting and unloading program to analyze the operation国际海运价格.

Sea freight is a volumetric charge calculated by volume or weight (taking the maximum of the two),logistic and supply chain essentially distinguishing between foam cargo and heavy cargo. Ocean freight includes basic ocean freight and ocean freight surcharges. Basic ocean freight is determined by the shipping company and adjusted over time according to market conditions. Sea freight surcharges, including fuel surcharges, port congestion surcharges, etc., are more flexible and subject to market factors.

Bulk cargoes, including ocean carriers, are subject to the following freight tariff table:

The freight rate for domestic bulk carriers in 2023 is $30 per ton per nautical mile. The freight rate from Chongqing to Shanghai is about 50 yuan,sustainable shipping company from Shanghai to Hainan is about 60 yuan, and from Tianjin to Shanghai is about 50 yuan. Different cargoes, different routes and different shipment modes will have an impact on the cost of bulk cargo transportation物流公司.

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