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Before you buy a cordless vacuum cleaner, you better know these questions

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To Blakey, a vacuum cleaner is just a long tube dragging a box around. It follows him wherever he goes, and he has to be careful not to stray from the maximum length of the power cord. Take my parents, for example. They especially don't like the drag and drop, so the family has switched to a direct handheld cordless vacuum.Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturing Company Using a cordless vacuum is easy. I believe there is no need for Blackie to say too much, favored by many housewives. Therefore, today Blackie will share some tips for buying a cordless vacuum cleaner!

The whole cordless vacuum system

What's so great about a cordless vacuum cleaner? The simple summary is that it can make housework easier and easier. Based on cordless and lightweight design, it's easier to clean the car, under the bed, keyboards, appliance and TV surfaces, sheets and clothes.

▲ Compact body design is easier to use

Of course, there are many voices that believe cordless vacuum cleaners have less suction power than cable vacuum cleaners. However, Blackie would like to say that this was only true in the early days of cordless vacuums.handheld wireless vacuum cleaner It's true that vacuum cleaners don't have as much suction power as bulky cable vacuum cleaners, but as vacuum cleaner technology has evolved and improved over the past few years, cordless vacuum cleaners have suction power that is comparable to that of corded vacuum cleaners, and some brands are even better, so there's nothing to worry about.
How to choose a cordless vacuum cleaner?

So how do you choose a cordless vacuum cleaner? Most people who have used a vacuum cleaner will have experienced the following. The suction power of a new vacuum cleaner is good at first, but after a long period of use, the suction power will decrease, and then many people will blame the problem on the quality of the product.

▲ The suction power of a wireless vacuum cleaner can be affected by many factors.

In fact, the main reason is very simple, only a long time for use, vacuum cleaner dust bag filter is not timely removal of clean impurities clogging, in the long run, suction power of course we will be weakened. So at the beginning of the purchase of wireless vacuum cleaner, there may be a lot of work details need students to pay attention to.

1. Whether the electric floor brush

Electric brush can realize the deep cleaning of the floor

First of all, you should choose an electric brush, because it can be driven by an independent motor, and the brush head is easy to roll up dust and garbage at high speed. At the same time, the depth of the ground to remove the dirt, so the electric floor brush than the traditional wired vacuum cleaner to suck more dust, vacuuming more thoroughly.

2. Suction power is the key to a vacuum cleaner's effectiveness

For vacuum cleaners, the amount of suction power is very important. I believe it goes without saying that we all know that the more suction power the better, which is directly related to the cleaning effectiveness of the vacuum cleaner. Cyclone technology is the key that directly affects the suction power of a cordless vacuum cleaner.

▲ The role of suction power of cordless vacuum cleaner is crucial factor important

As the wireless vacuum cleaner is powered by the battery, for the motor horsepower limitations are greater, resulting in weaker suction, never think that the rated power, suction power is greater. Using cyclone wireless vacuum cleaner technology, through high-speed operation to achieve complete separation of dust and air, you can realize the strong suction power that never falls.

3.Are the attachments fully functional?

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Equipped with fully functional brush head accessories means a more powerful cordless vacuum cleaner that can clean every dead space in your home more easily and efficiently.wireless vacuum cleaner supplier So the more suction heads you have, the more cleaning scenarios you need to handle.

4. Screen filtration method

Next is the filter to carry out the design, the role of the filter is to precipitate the development of all kinds of dust in the air, so that clean air quality can be passed at the same time, comprehensive care of their family's health. Not filter whether we need to repeatedly clean.

Recommended to use multiple filters or high-efficiency air filters

Of course, there are manufacturers who choose to include cyclone technology in their vacuum cleaners in order to solve the problem of frequent cleaning of filters by consumers. When the cyclone is in operation, it generates a strong eccentric force to separate the dust and dirt in the air, and throws the dust impurities into the dust collection bucket to separate them from the air and avoid the dust from clogging the air outlet.

If the filtration system is not good, it will make the inhaled dust and other fine particles discharged again, so the filtration system is very important, try to use multi-layer filter or HEPA filter vacuum cleaner.

5. Is it a high-quality high-capacity lithium battery?

Wireless vacuum cleaners need us to rely on battery charging to maintain social work, so the battery storage capacity directly through the impact of business use user experience and cleaning area. It is recommended that you can choose high-quality high-capacity battery.

General cordless handheld vacuum cleaners have a powerful, standard, long-lasting 3-step cleaning mode, and the battery capacity is generally between 2200 ~ 2600Ma. With this battery capacity, power mode lasts for 8 minutes, standard mode lasts for 25 minutes, and persistent mode lasts for more than 50 minutes, and this standard cleaning is enough for a typical household.

▲ V8 charging base (Dyson uses this for instant charging)

Battery performance is also affected by the quality of the batteries themselves, the most common being NiMH and Li-Ion. Compared with the two, lithium-ion batteries charge faster, have a stable output and a long life, and the excellent lithium-ion technology can also be continuously adsorbed. Therefore, it is better to choose lithium-ion battery vacuum cleaners.

6. Body weight

▲ Body weight determines the cleaning efficiency and experience.

Unlike traditional Chinese corporate wired vacuum cleaners, the weight of the handheld wireless vacuum cleaner as well as most of the students are concentrated in the main body, we will bear the pressure of this part to carry out the weight problem when using can handheld wireless vacuum cleaner. If there is no body weight is large, then through the use of user experience will be very bad. According to the small black personal experience in the use of the process of society, 1.5 kg or so is more moderate weight, if it can reach 2 kg, long time learning to use will feel tired hands.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of wireless vacuum cleaners?

▲What are the advantages and disadvantages of wireless vacuum cleaners?


1.+ Easy to use:Using battery to store electricity, the design is more compact and mini, easy to use and lightweight, with a one-button dusting design, it is very convenient to remove garbage. It is also convenient to store.

2.+ Good at cleaning dead corners:Also because of the size of the wireless vacuum cleaner, it is very suitable for cleaning some details, such as some small corners that are difficult to clean with a large suction head. This wireless vacuum cleaner is easy to do.


1. - High price: some of the product quality issues there is also a brand of wireless vacuum cleaners generally have a high price, not very suitable for home use.

2. - Lower suction power: Due to the battery design, the power is lower, the suction power is lower, not suitable for long-term use of cleaning.