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This employment guide will be distributed to college students.

This employment guide will be distributed to college students.

Don't be overly ambitious in your job search.

College graduates should develop a proper concept of career selection and select a career before seeking employment. With the advancement of the times and the advancement of the era, a diverse job market necessitates diverse talents.best vacuum cleaner wet and dry Although salary is important for recent college graduates, they should consider their own abilities and career prospects and not be overly ambitious or unwilling to suffer. To consider the specific situation, you can choose to work at the grassroots level, step by step, to gain work experience and improve work skills in order to broaden your employment options in the future. It should be noted that no matter what position a college graduate holds, he or she should not disregard the responsibilities that come with the job.

Be ready for the interview.

Although education and professional knowledge are important, college graduates must also master certain interview skills in order to stand out among many applicants. First and foremost, you should prepare for the interview by learning more about the interviewing company and the hot topics in their industry. Second, learn to show themselves, so that the hiring company fully understands your ability, do self-introduction during the interview, do not just say the existing content on the resume, the company wants to know is whether the candidate can do the job, such as the applicant's strengths and skills, in-depth analysis of the field of knowledge, major achievements, etc. Furthermore, the interview should be conducted in formal attire, with special attention paid to the pronunciation of precise,OTC antigen test clear spelling. Answer questions that are logical and clear, simple and clear.

When signing, read the terms and conditions.

Some companies only make verbal promises and do not sign contracts when signing employment agreements; some companies' contracts are extremely simple and lack the necessary details; even the name of the employer, work content, labor compensation, and other basic elements are missing; and some employers' contracts are significantly biased towards their own side, emphasizing only the employer's rights and interests and the workers' responsibilities, and the right to unionize. When confronted with the aforementioned issues, college graduates must remain vigilant. The correct practice should be that the employing company and the worker establish labor relations from the date of employment, and that the establishment of labor relations should result in the signing of a written labor contract and thethe chinese university of hong kong qs ranking payment of social insurance in accordance with the law. If the worker is found to be unqualified for employment during the probationary period, the employer must decide whether to terminate the employment relationship during the probationary period and cannot wait until the probationary period has expired before conducting the assessment and deciding whether to retain the worker.