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7 must-see tips for bathroom decoration

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Once the bathroom room is decorated, residents can have a good mood when taking a bath. However,australis quartz and all bathroom decoration is not an easy task. There are many skills during decoration. So what are the bathroom room decoration skills? The following are the 7 tips that must be seen in the bathroom decoration below for small makeup, let us take a look together!

Bathroom decoration tips

1. Selection of wall and floor tiles

The bathroom is a place where people often interact with water. If the anti-slip effect of the floor tiles is not good,shower wall panels perth it is easy to slip when taking a bath. Therefore, the choice of floor tile materials should be better in terms of anti-slip function to prevent slipping and injuries, or wear anti-slip mats. Wall tiles should be matched with floor tiles so that the decorative effect is more beautiful.

2. Bathroom utensil size

For a bathroom room with a relatively small building area, when choosing bathing utensils, it is best to first measure the location and size of the bathing utensils.quartz benchtop brisbane When purchasing, you can buy according to the measured size to avoid purchasing and then passing the size. If the requirements are not met, the bathing utensils cannot be placed.

3. Make sure doors and windows are not exposed to light

When decorating a bathroom room, it is best to install doors and windows with strong security and confidentiality. At the same time, the lighting and ventilation effects of doors and windows cannot be ignored. If it is necessary to install a shower curtain or curtain, choose a thicker or opaque type.


After taking a shower in the bathroom, a kind of fog will inevitably occur. Therefore, when purchasing a mirror, try to choose an anti-fog mirror. Anti-fog mirrors are also easier to clean than ordinary mirrors.

5. Installation of ventilation fans

In order to make the bathroom air better, a built-in ventilation device should be installed in the bathroom. The ventilation device can not only discharge water vapor, but also breathe good air so that bathers can have enough oxygen.

6. Selection of bathroom cabinets

There are many toiletries in the bathroom, so a bathroom cabinet is needed. However, the humidity in the bathroom room is relatively high, so bathroom cabinets with better moisture-proof performance should be selected. If the moisture-proof effect of the bathroom cabinet is not good, it can easily lead to problems such as moisture and mold in the bathroom cabinet.

7. Lamp selection

The light source of the bathroom room lamp should be relatively soft, and it is not easy to choose too dazzling or colorful lamps. The different installation positions of lamps and lanterns should also be designed at the same time. The switch should be installed in a position where it is not easily splashed by water, or a switch protective cover can be installed to make the system safer.