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The performance of powerful industrial vacuum cleaners

to ensure employee health

As a universal application of environmental protection equipment, industrial rechargeable handheld vacuum cleanervacuum cleaners can have far-reaching effects that go beyond the simple positioning of cleaning tools. The first three main functions of industrial vacuum cleaners are summarized below to help the user use them more effectively.

Industrial vacuum cleaner with high suction power

1.the cleaning function of an industrial vacuum cleaner Cleaning is the primary function of industrial vacuum cleaners, as seen in many industries. For example, the pharmaceutical industry tablet press, capsule machine, and dust absorption generated during the counting machine processing; electronic circuit board drilling machine punching to produce dust absorption; liquid recycling places, a large amount of liquid recovery, and so on. Cleaning problems are commonly encountered in large enterprises.

2.saving function for industrial vacuum cleaner Industrial vacuum cleaners have a Zimmermann Kids HKhigher value of function based on the cleaning function - saving function. Its saving function is typically: heavy metal processing, precious metal recovery; chemical industry in the recovery of expensive catalysts; dust absorption, reduce dust cover on machinery and equipment, reduce the degree of corrosion of machinery, reduce depreciation costs, and so on. Major corporations value this function.

3.industrial vacuum cleaners to ensure the function of industrial vacuum cleaners on this function, can be divided into two aspects: on the one hand, to ensure employee health, such as industrial vacuum cleaners on dust disposal, reduce the onset of occupational diseases such as pneumoconiosis; absorption of toxic gases, to prevent the onset of poisoning of personnel things. On the other hand, it is the guarantee of workplace safety, such as the absorption of flammable and explosive dust in chemical, military, coal, flour processing, and other industries; Jimmy Wongthe absorption of fume and dust from welding, argon arc welding, plasma cutting, and other processes, which reduces risk.