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The application of CNC machining technology in the mold manufacturing

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Currently in the field of carrying out mold design and manufacturing company production, the use of CNC processing information technology is significant for the mold processing an enterprise's efficiency to continuously improve students. The use of CNC machining processing technology, not only can give the enterprise management efficiency, and we through the use of processing technology, as well as the innovation of CNC machining technology, the enterprise also obtain huge gains. As the current CNC processing type manufacturing industry enterprises need to pay attention to the subject, how to strengthen the application of education information construction technology online credit card processingin the economic field of CNC processing technology, so that the way of mold processing presents diversified social development trend, how to break through the traditional technical problems, the use of local information technology teaching technicians used in CNC processing technology, how to enhance the efficiency of enterprise culture production, and obtained a huge production and operation benefits, are in order to study the focus of the main content.

1. CNC machining technology overview

Digital control is an automatic control technology developed in recent years, is the use of digital signals to control the machine movement and manufacturing process a method. In order to obtain better core competitiveness, enterprises apply automation technology to the control of processing machinery, which is the embodiment of digital and automated control technology under information technology, CNC machining has been widely used. In the field of production machinery, it provides enterprises with more efficient processing efficiency. CNC machining technology has broken through the bottleneck of low efficiency and long cycle time in the original manufacturing process. With the support of data computing and computer software, mold manufacturing has realized the automation and high precision of production. For example, in the large mold processing, there are many large size and shape of complex parts. These parts have large deformation after heat treatment and are difficult to grind, so they can be turned with ceramic turning tools on CNC machine tools to harden the parts instead of grinding and improve processing efficiency.

2. CNC machining technology in the mold manufacturing process

2.1 There are many kinds of CNC machine tools used in the process of mold processing. According to the actual production needs, according to the type of mold to choose the machine tool, reduce production costs and fully classify the processing mold. As the lathe CNC device are with linear and circular interpolation function, in the processing of size difficult to control the parts, especially the contour and shape of complex parts or rotary body, the use of CNC technology on the basis of reasonable classification, achieved good mold production results.

Play lathe CNC system device development has certain non-circular curve interpolation function, for a cylindrical, conical, circular table, round ball and other precision can require high parts (mainly refers to different prototype manufacturingshapes, location, size and surface and other precision design requirements), the use of turning technology, processing material surface work accuracy to achieve high requirements of a variety of variable surface class parts, including China's CNC EDM processing and CNC apparent processing, etc.. By any choice of straight line and plane change curve contour part of the shape of the more complex rotary parts, for example, the size calculation accuracy has been up to 0.001 or smaller parts, for hardened workpiece production processing, the precision of the parts is the requirements of the precision of the surface treatment of which mainly refers to the enterprise surface roughness. Cylindrical parts with high requirements for cylindricity; cone parts with high requirements for straightness, roundness and inclination of the prime line; rotary parts with special threads, the above research CNC machining information equipment management using modern computer network technicians for grinding tool making, also includes some very large pitch, equal pitch and variable pitch digital economic control related technological innovation applications, such as between the cylindrical and conical thread surface to do Smooth transition, there are threaded parts, etc. through constant linear speed for the actual cutting.

2.2 Through the improvement of CNC machining technology, on the one hand, the manufacturing quality of the whole mold can be improved. On the one hand, through the research and development and investment in CNC machining technology, combined with the needs of market development, promote the development of CNC machining technology to achieve further technical transformation. For example, in the process of complex mold processing, the traditional CNC machining technology is often faced with mold processing technology problems. The method combines mold characteristics and technical applications, taking into account the processing quality, processing sequence and processing time, targeted use of wire cutting and EDM CNC display processing mode, with the help of computer technology to execute the relevant instructions, to achieve the optimization of the processing program.

2.3 In order to improve the overall efficiency of mold processing, with the continuous improvement of CNC machining technology, the positioning will overlap and reduce the time required for mold processing by optimizing the machining process, using programming skills and optimizing the CNC machining process in the CNC machining program can improve the overall efficiency of the CNC machining program. For example, when the spindle is started, the processing efficiency is effectively improved.

3.The role of CNC machining technology in mold manufacturing

3.1 through CNC machining enterprise technology innovation product design production management field has produced an important change. For example, in the degree of accuracy of mold processing, with the help of multiple software can achieve the processing of molds, the use of CNC processing development mode research for manufacturing process precision enhancement. The actual processing process of computer knowledge for the education of accurate digital input, it can be completed to learn the operation of the relevant work procedures. The processing of the mold is driven by the CNC technology to enhance the degree of accuracy of the processing of the entire mold for students, and further get to improve the quality of processing services.

3.2 Under the drive of NC device and NC software, the scope of mold processing is expanded and the joint movement of the corresponding driving device is completed. The important NC device mainly includes the drive unit of the spindle, the feed unit and the related motor. The whole drive unit can realize both the linkage of multiple targets and drive the machine tool for complex mold processing action to realize complex mold production. Compared with the traditional mold processing technology, the mold processing range is expanding and the processing accuracy is guaranteed.

3.3 Through the application of CNC machining technology, the labor intensity of CNC machining production has been greatly reduced. In the traditional mode, the relevant personnel must carry out manual processing. The whole mold processing process is time-consuming and inefficient, but the use of automation and CNC processing technology in mold production has changed the traditional mold processing process, the shortcomings of high production labor intensity and low production efficiency, and greatly improved the efficiency of mold production. In the automatic processing mode, the production and processing integration work can be completed through the production line mode, the relevant personnel only need to enter the operational requirements, software driven by the computer, the entire mold processing work, CNC processing technology can reduce the use of human capital, improve the entire enterprise mold production efficiency, improve the economic efficiency of the film agent processing enterprises.

3.4 The application of CNC machining technology requires professional personnel. Professional skills require staff must master enough computer technology, understand the relevant mechanical principles of CNC machine tools, and be proficient in all the work of the processing process and the language of CNC machining. This puts forward a high professional demand for CNC machining technicians. How to be good at this work, through learning and practice, fully understand the relevant mechanical principles, and to master the data control technology. In the event of data programming failure, the technician can be flexible in the language of preparation, to complete the processing work of the mitigation of technical requirements. Therefore have enough professional level of CNC processing personnel, should be regarded as CNC processing field of talent, to give its effective treatment, effectively promote the entire CNC technology in the mold production and processing process applications.


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