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Business website ranking optimization, you can not ignore SEO 5 entry skills

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We all know that corporate website optimization is a slow process, so yougoogle seo may need to work in a relatively long time cycle and with the experience of working on a daily basis, we are dealing with a lot of basic SEO issues and will be able to give a quick solution, but due to different experiences, sometimes we can easily overlook some small issues.

So, what are the five things that seem to be perfect, but slightly regrettable, about enterprise google SEO?

According to different past experience in doing enterprise management website ranking optimization, Batman IT, will be mainly elaborated by analyzing the following content.

1, the old domain dead links

In our daily work, we always deal with the problem of dead links, which may be due to page adjustments, or even domain name changes, especially when you use the old domain name for the new site. The site command will definitely have problems, it shows many irrelevant links to pages that you may not have any problems with.

But in the process of actually carrying out the operation in China, you will find: the new site of the enterprise related information page, even the home page, long-term development without any ranking, search brand words, are likely to pass the query can not be related to the research results.

Therefore, we must effectively organize and submit relevant dead links. Many SEO practitioners believe that this operation will temporarily come to an end, basically finished.

But we can know that the search engine processing dead links is a working time management cycle, at the same time, due to site results, may lead to the generation of URL addresses that require a large number of URLs, we can not get effective organization of this part of the URL ourselves, for data submission.

At this point, you may need to use robots.txt to shield the characteristics of those crawling pages, for example: you use inurl command: this command, found that a directory under the page characteristics of a particularly large number, we can reasonably shield.

2、Website rewriting URL

In the long run, we always have to change the site. In order to improve our search engine friendly score, we often have to do 301 redirects. There is nothing wrong with this, and the procedure is more professional.

But sometimes it is easy to ignore some small details: for example, URL address.

Usually corporate speaking: different server site system configuration and parsing, will analyze for case recognition, we can do redirects, be sure not to ignore the students this social issue.

3、Batch release of external links

This is a clichéd topic, although the external link is emphasized to reduce the relevance of the weight, but does not mean that it loses its value, many new sites sent to the external link, in favor of the search engine crawl.

So many SEO link promoters, they are open to a large number of mass release links, sometimes even the same anchor text.

In fact, outbound links should be diversified, such as:

① News links, video links, blog links by big names independently, etc.

② Anchor text diversification, link form diversification, such as: hyperlinks and plain text.

4、Content indexing down

In the process of daily website content added, if the long-term stop not updated, the degree of trust in the site may have a certain impact, this time there will be search engine optimization practitioners, built up to consider the massive increase in content.

However, when we do so, always encounter such a problem: the content continues to increase, our index is constantly decreasing. Many website operators are feeling very confused.

One of the factors that encounter this social problem to carry out the core is: poor quality of content, intuitive impact of.

① website existing content of the overall quality rating score, as well as the search engine according to the relevance of the adjustment of the site rating.

2 With the impact of ratings adjustment, began to adjust the frequency of search engine spiders crawl, thus forming a vicious circle.

So in the process of adding content, not too blind, to be reasonably calculated.

5, page related strategy

We can know that in the process of website expected ranking, page design content service quality and the relevance of the theme is a very important measure, especially in the ability to solve the problem search function needs, so many SEO newcomers began to study the depth of data mining the following keywords.

① Related keywords


This is not a problem in theory, but there are some details to consider.

The difference between related keywords and secondary search keywords, the former we can usually filter by keyword mining tools, generally you search for a keyword, it will give a lot of keywords indexed keywords.

We believe that this is the existence of certain related keywords, and comes with the search demand, we do a specific page, it is logical to cover these thesaurus.

However, based on the principle of web search sorting, we can assume that the keywords given by secondary search are equally important.

What are the secondary search keywords?

Simple understanding: we think: the second search keyword is when you search for keyword A, and then in the search for keyword B, with this B and A have some relevance.

This keyword, when we do the page layout, we think it is also worth paying attention to.

② TF-IDF is theoretically a better developed statistical management strategy, its main core product strategy research is that you can go according to their own search data results to statistics and analysis of a keyword for search results in the relevance of the page associated with the thesaurus attributes.

But there is a basic premise, that is, the search engine algorithm is relatively stable, and the search strategy of sorting, click weighting are relatively reasonable.

Otherwise, it is difficult to use this strategy for relatively accurate calculations.

Summary:In the process of business operations SEO, there are many seemingly perfect solutions, but in fact we have many details to discuss and study, the above is for reference only!


What does Google SEO cost?

The cost of SEO varies and is influenced by the SEO plan, the service provider, and other elements. Based on the project scope, the majority of SEO projects in 2022 will cost between $1500 and $5,000 per month. A one-time job will cost between $5,000 and $30,000, while consultants' hourly rates are between $100 and $300.

How does Google SEO work?

The duties of an SEO specialist include: creating landing pages and copy that is SEO-friendly. Continual keyword research, including the identification and enlargement of keyword opportunities. analyzing and putting into practice content suggestions for organic SEO success.