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What is embedded? Why should I learn to embed well?

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01 Learning method

The field of embedded systems is undoubtedly one of the hottest embedded moduleand most promising application areas at present.

Embedded learning basically has two ways: self-learning or training.

Self-learning: less investment in capital management and more investment in time cost.

Training: more investment of money and less investment of time.

02 Employment advantages

Embedded system is the hottest and most promising application field at present. At present, most universities are mainly engaged in the design and development, production, installation and commissioning, operation and maintenance, fault analysis, product marketing and after-sales service of embedded consumer electronics.

03 Folding development trend

In the information age and digital age, embedded products have gained huge development opportunities, showing a bright future for the embedded market, but also put forward new challenges for embedded manufacturers, from which we can see several major development trends of embedded systems in the future:

Embedded development is a management system for engineering, so we require embedded control system manufacturers not only to provide embedded hardware and software system work itself, but also need to provide more powerful hardware resources development tools and software package support.

At present, many manufacturers have fully considered this point, in the main system, the development environment will also be the focus of promotion. For example, Samsung provides development boards and version support (BSP) while promoting Arm7 and Arm9, and Windows CE provides embedded V C++ as a development tool in the main system push and has Vxworks' Tonado development environment. The Limda compilation environment for DeltaOS, etc. is typical of this trend. Of course, this is also the result of market competition.

With the development of Internet and broadband technology, single-function devices such as telephones, cell phones, refrigerators and microwave ovens are becoming more and more complex.

This requires chip designers to integrate more functions on the chip. In order to meet the upgrade of application functions, designers use more powerful embedded processors such as 32-bit and 64-bit RISC chips or signal processor DSP to enhance their processing power on the one hand, while adding functional interfaces such as USB, extending bus types such as CAN bus, enhancing the processing of multimedia and graphics, and gradually realizing the concept of system-on-chip (SOC). The software uses real-time multitasking programming technology and cross-development tool technology to control functional complexity, simplify application design, ensure software quality, and shorten the development cycle. For example, Hewlett-Packard

Network information interconnection has become an inevitable trend

In order to meet the needs of network development, the future of embedded devices will require a variety of network communication interfaces in hardware. The new generation of embedded processors in addition to support TCP/IP protocol, but also began to embed network interfaces, which is not enough for the traditional microcontroller. Other support IEEE1394, USB, CAN, Bluetooth or IrDA communication interfaces in one or more, but also need to provide the corresponding communication group network protocol software and physical layer driver software. In terms of software, the system kernel supports network modules and can even embed a Web browser on the device to enable real-time access to the Internet by various devices at any time and any place.

The core, algorithm, power consumption, and hardware and software costs of the system are reduced.

The future of embedded products is a combination of hardware and software closely linked devices, in order to reduce low power consumption and cost, we need to design as much as possible to streamline the management system kernel, only to retain and the main functions of the system more closely related to the hardware and software, the use of the least efficient resources to be able to achieve the most appropriate function, which requires the designer to choose the best programming language model and constantly improve the learning algorithm and optimize the performance of the compiler. Therefore, both software developers have extensive knowledge of hardware basics, but also the need for companies to develop advanced embedded application software engineering technologies, such as Java, Web and WAP.

Provide a friendly multimedia for human-machine interface

The most important factor for embedded devices to keep in touch with users is that it provides a very friendly user interface. Image interface, flexible control methods, so that people feel the embedded device like a familiar old friend. This requirement has forced embedded software designers to work on graphical interfaces and multimedia technologies. Handwritten text input, voice dial-up Internet access, e-mail and color graphics and images will give users a sense of freedom. Currently, some advanced PDAs have implemented Chinese character writing on the display and voice posting of text messages, but general-purpose embedded devices have a long way to go.


The salary is different in each region, but the salary is not less than 10,000.

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Register module: What is it?

The Registration module is an add-on for Moodle activities that allows students to register for exams or other events at institutions without a centralized registration system.

Embedded meaning: What is it?

English definition of embedded: Fixed into a surface of anything. Her thumb had the thorn buried there. When someone or something is embedded, it means that it is a very significant or strong component of that person, thing, etc. My conscience was firmly ingrained with guilt.

A CPU is it an embedded system?

The CPU is the system's brain in an embedded system. Processors receive user data, process it, and then output the results in accordance with the task they were intended to complete. The processor retrieves, decodes, and executes instructions. Data retrieval and selection operations are carried out by the processor control unit.

Is Oracle a database that is embedded?

The C-based Oracle Berkeley Database is a small, adaptable database that works well with embedded and mobile software.